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Why Should One Choose WordPress Over Wix

Mirza Azhar Baig Oct 06, 2017
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No doubt, Wix has certain benefits and serve more appealing demands depending upon your work experience and to fulfill website aims. But those who have worked with WordPress can feel the difference without any hesitation that it is far better than Wix.

Why Choose WordPress?

People like to use WordPress as it is self-hosted website development platform because it lets you get to pick out which domain hosting you wish to use for getting your website live. One of the reason is; its graph depicting numerous hosting choices for WordPress and their costs as well.

While, Wix does not allow to host your website from somewhere else, so it means you are completely stuck with the one you are with. Suppose, if you find your website is running very sluggish due to poor hosting services, or else if you wish to move your website’s data to any other domain, you cannot do so.

Variety of Website’s Design

WordPress is available with thousands of premade website designs and moreover, there is user created WordPress themes as well to choose for your required needs. Quite many themes are absolutely free while there are premium themes also available to buy. Moreover, any of these WordPress themes can also be modified and adjusted according to your needs.

When you choose to build a website using Wix platform, you can select your templates from 400 options available to select from, but you are not able to access the code or make any required changes to your needs to these designing themes.

Able To Change Site Design

The WordPress allows you to readily switch between the themes you like to change at any time as themes will not affect the onsite content already existed on your website. You can use format adjustments as per your needs to fit better with your content to any freshly chosen theme.

While one of the most limiting features of the website built in Wix environment is that once you select any template, you cannot change or remove it ever.

Support Multiple Users on One Site

A website developed using Wix interface has the only single user account and admin of the website.

While a website created in WordPress, allows you to create multiple accounts to modify your website. Even, you can assign several roles to perform after creating necessary accounts user for them. For instance, to update and adding new blog posts to your website, you can create accounts for the writers for posting the blog articles for it. Also, you can give them limited access to create the posts and publish the articles only so that they have no access to use other functions of your website which main admin can perform.

Necessary Plug-In Support

WordPress also allows you to apply as many plugins to fulfill your needs for coding and formation of plug-ins that offer its users. There is the incredible number of tools also available to modify and control their website accordingly.

Whereas, Wix does not offer any use of plug-ins, but deals in apps to support and manage the websites in its place. You can find hundreds of apps available, but all those are entirely developed by the Wix team and have very fewer apps to select from.

Ideal SEO Management

WordPress allows you great benefits not only to create a website but also serves you the ideal search engine optimization (SEO) management on it. It provides a great SEO friendly interface to perform multiple SEO activities for your website. This way, you will be able to perform good SEO practices within your website and generate more traffic for it. By using sufficient plug-ins available within WordPress that can optimize your website and advance its capability to make visible on different search engines.

Whereas, Wix serves you with a very limited SEO features within its boundaries. You can simply add the title and descriptions to your generated pages, alt-text in images, and generate a sitemap.

Perfect Platform For Blogging

WordPress is considered one of the perfect platform and ideal for blogging. It serves you efficiently to create blogs using its interface. Once you start using your website, you have the best option to create blog posts instinctively. You can start creating blog articles as per your desired needs and you can simply use it easily just as writing in a word document. You also get the assistance of embed different forms of media, such as images and videos directly into your post. You can manage your blog posts with extra features to set publication dates to your blogs for posting. You have the options to assigns tags and categories within the post and have much more using the WordPress.

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