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We Prefer User Experience Over Design, Here’s Why!

Mirza Azhar Baig Oct 07, 2017

Web designers are generally known to be graphic designers of the modern era who are trained and made an expert of visual designs. The top priority of the designers is to manage creative concept, color theory, typography, icon development, diagrams, infographics, and interactivity rollovers, drop-down menus, digital slideshows, call-to-action buttons and forms as per the required formation.

But, we think the user experience is far much better over designing. So, there is a slight discussion presented over this topic that why we prefer User Experience over Design.

User experience is said to be how a person feels while working together with a digital product. It contains a lot of elements, some are manageable by the designers and developers involved and some are environmentally friendly or simply fulfil user preferences. But User experience is not the same thing as usability, even though they are associated. It is the experience, emotion, intuition, and connection that any specific user feels when they use a website or any product.

Usability is somewhat about the efficiency of a website development and designing and how much it is user-friendly. It can be said that it is a significant element that encircles an entire user’s experience. It has developed to encompass the user-centred design, which means it ultimately works on the same idea presented in a different way. It is really very imperative for any digital product(s) and it is also quite necessary for specific kinds of digital products such as complex websites, retail sales, startup websites, and low budget projects that are likely to run for long period.

User experience in terms of design is fairly as essential as graphical identity. So, it doesn’t matter what your website looks like or even if people don’t recognize how to cooperate with it. Besides, they must enjoy such type of interaction. User experience is highly important for complex websites because the users can be able to run the website easily and know how to use it precisely. One of the best complex kinds of websites can be those that contain fairly on a retail or online sales basis.

Here, not only the websites have to be well managed but it must also have an apparent and easy to practice signals for how to create a safe and protected purchasing. It is also considered to be an ideal for small businesses because the websites will become their first impression for the users. This first appearance surely matters when it comes to leading traffic and business to your product. A similar idea is also applied to such businesses that exist with low budgeting. User experience is said to be of great importance because it can make certain that the momentum propels the business onward.


When we observe poor user experience, the concerns are highly observable. It is necessary to think about the actual problems that are reported such as incapability to compare plans before making certain accounts, overloaded servers and downtime, issues in creating accounts, and facing problems in filling out applications. All such problems produce a negative passionate connection to the users of the websites. Additionally, the six vital benefits to adding user experience to the design and development practices: improved output, increased sales and revenue, diminished training and support costs, decreased development time and costs, decreased preservation costs and improved customer satisfaction.



Mirza Azhar Baig

Mirza Azhar Baig

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