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13 Reasons Why Ecommerce Lags Behind Brick And Mortar

Mirza Azhar Baig Oct 04, 2017
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E-Commerce has been still focusing on to boost its online physical presence prominently even after passing several years. It has been selling and marketing online products and providing the high level of services to e-Shoppers. But now, we observe that some new businesses have started their services and performing negative tactics, just looking for online physical presence and to boost up their products to their online customers. We all know that such tactics won’t work in this era where millions of online customers come to e-Commerce online shopping portals to get their fast shopping. But such tactics will do away with the real e-Shoppers from the online presence.

Here are some reasons as to why the e-Commerce industry has been lacking the physical presence across the world.

  1. Need Specific Directions

E-commerce business commonly costs not that much to run it and can easily reach their customers across the world instead of in the just single area. But a couple of years back; we see certain reasons for going on to this route. Therefore, we need to create a specific destination to show online physical presence to get back into the business. The companies will be competent enough to connect individually with the customers who visit the e-Commerce sites to fulfill their needs. This could be very supportive to build stronger ties to the entire e-Commerce community and capable to support as a stronger brand image among the online shoppers.

  1. Lack of Genuine Investment

Today, new businesses are started with just an investment of few hundred dollars which is thought to be possible to open any specific online store in such amount. But everyone can realize that in no way means that such a few hundred dollars are quite enough to invest for a store for its online physical presence. A fledgling online business must need real means of investment and an, of course, a major amount of labor is required as well.

  1. Non User-friendly Website

Having the best online physical presence for your business is your well-optimized website development which should be user-friendly in all aspects. Any business plan cannot be achieved without your effective website that has everything to attract the visitors and make them certain to shop their needs. The website should be designed according to the modern e-Commerce formation and must be fully secured, user-friendly, and entirely functional for e-Shoppers. Moreover, it should have effective search, mobile friendly, and need to load very fast.

  1. Lacking of Inventory Management

Inventory management is, of course, playing a vital role in structuring a real e-Commerce platform, depending on the type of business model. Lacking such factor, it can create one of the most vital glitches for new e-Commerce businesses and will affect the operations as well. Having very little inventory on board will certainly miss out your sales and can also create disappointment to the online customers. Even you can’t ignore the freight costs, associated with getting your required inventory to your business which is also very noteworthy.

  1. Missing Precise Product Images

Any online e-Commerce business cannot flourish physically without having their precise product images. The specific product images are highly significant for attracting the e-Shoppers so that they may get what they are looking on your website. The ideal showcase product image will make the customers stay on the website and search for their required needs you are selling. So, make sure the product images should be clear and accurately visible for the e-Shoppers while they search for their desired products.

  1. Having Less Online Shoppers

Any online website cannot get business without having too many visitors. The more people visit any website the more worth will be generated by the website. Having prominent flow of visitors on the website will certainly create the ideal visibility and physical presence of you store on the search engines that a positive sign of your business. The flow of visitors create the real visibility and create the web traffic more and more to be recognized in different search engines.

  1. Serious Competition

Online businesses have more challenges and have to face serious online competition onto the Internet. As it is the land of opportunities for everyone whether a large business or a new small enterprise. There are hundreds of online businesses available out there on the internet and competing each other in various aspects. But no one can exist their physical presence online without surviving and facing the serious and significant competition on search engines.

  1. Inability To Touch & Try

Sometimes, buying something online through any e-Commerce website becomes irritating because one cannot touch and try the product physically. This is one of the great set back to this industry because people cannot easily trust on such online shopping website whether the purchased product will be delivered as the same one saw on the shopping portal. Even, if the product is delivered the right one but still there remains the chances of trying the right size that may easily fit.

  1. Understanding of Shopping Portals/Methodologies

While shopping at online websites; most of the e-Shoppers face different problems to get to the right industry products. Even, if they get to the exact area they find the ordering process to be very complex and irritating. The most problem is created with the website’s navigation system as some users are not that familiar with the website or its navigation system? Sometimes, the website’s navigation creates problems for the users, and sometimes; the drop-down menus, tabs, tags, footer, or breadcrumb methodologies.

  1. Credit Card Frauds

One of the reasons is Frauds and scams happened while making online payments by customers. So, credit card frauds have become the major issues that are frequently observed or heard while shopping online. One cannot say whether the e-Shoppers are safe or not while purchasing something through online websites. There have been frequent complaints recorded of credit card frauds. Several e-Shoppers have become victims of fraud while making payments through using their credit cards on purchasing different products.

  1. User Data Security

While online shopping; people also face great setbacks of data security concerns which are generally mentioned so as to be confidential and integrity of data. There have been many cases recorded where online shoppers’ confidential data were used for unidentified objects. The threats of online users’ data by unauthorized personals are still a big problem across the world. That’s why people avoid doing online shopping for security concerns.

  1. Take Home Immediately

One thing which is also one of the flaws of online shopping is that one cannot get delivered or take home the purchased products immediately basis. As one has to wait for the purchased stuff till it is being delivered after complete process of purchasing order. It means if anyone requires something on immediate basis cannot rely on such online shopping facility.

  1. Delayed Response to Queries

Online shoppers also face one of the major problems of delayed response for certain queries. While ordering online; either the system of processing orders gets hanged up or the systems figure out the queries in quite delays. Many queries remain in pending either from system’s error or for various unidentified reasons. Thus, such circumstances lead to the ineffective services that irritate the customers quite a lot.

13 Reasons Why E-commerce Lags Behind Brick & Mortar

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