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Snapchat OR Instagram Which is the Big Thing?

Mehreen Siddiqua Sep 28, 2017

Snapchat – Statistics & Facts:

Snapchat is considered a great mobile image messaging or multimedia sharing app. It was launched by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown in September 2011. This app was primarily released for sharing temporary images via private message Snaps that can be seen for a user-specified extent of time before becoming remotely. Regardless of its origins as an image app, the video has also turned out to be a vital feature of Snapchat. Today, more than ten billion mobile videos are viewed daily. Further, the company has registered over hundred million daily lively users worldwide. Snapchat has also been graded as the most popular social media platform among teenagers and young adults in the US. Even, Snapchat calculated about 166 million daily users from across the world during the first quarter of 2017.

Instagram – Statistics & Facts:

Instagram is also a very familiar image sharing social media platform that enables worldwide users to take images and edit them accordingly with a wide selection of digital filters. Instagram is also a reliable platform that offers video sharing services for the worldwide users. This video service was primarily launched as an iOS app but now it is also accessible for online mobile systems as well.  According to the social network got a survey in September 2017, there are more than 800 million monthly active users are recorded from world regions. At present, the penetration rate of Instagram among internet users in the US is about 32% with a large number of Instagram users in the US probable to surpass about 95 million users in nearly 2020.

Comparison of Snapchat & Instagram:

Let’s overview at the penetration rate of the both Snapchat and Instagram among the people aging between 18 – 34 years. We observe that Snapchat beats Instagram with a ratio of 2:1. Within the seven hundred defendants questioned by YouGov, 45 percent prefer Snapchat stories. Only about 21 percent Instagram stories and 34 percent of defendants had no priority set and are contented to use either of the two.

Now let’s check it out the daily active users of the both platforms as to the stories version on Snapchat and Instagram. Since Instagram Stories were launched, starting from August 2016. Here, we can observe that initial steep progress from 0-100 million DAU within the next two months. In the meantime; within the same period Snapchat constantly grows on pretty much with the equivalent pace as it flourished before Instagram launched its stories like adding quite a lot of million users a month. Instagram had recorded about 200 million daily active users of its stories, by the end of April 2017. While Snapchat apparently had about only 160+ million users. No wonder, Instagram is proficient enough to fascinate more users for its stories than Snapchat does.

Final Thoughts:

The development factor is quite critical for Snapchat in a long run, as for any main social platform. If it influences a plateau in its progress like Twitter did, it’ll surely disappoint the stock market. Snapchat has been experimenting with the significance to its progress and adoption globally are new technologies. Currently, a Snapchat server-side feature that permits to stitch video snaps-shot from several vantage ideas on the approximate event to make continues video footage that was terrible to create before.