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12 Web Development Trends You Must Know About in 2016

Arpatech Sep 05, 2016

The world of Web development is a rapidly changing domain. 2016 brought some of the hottest trends which you should be aware of if you are part of the web development community. You should follow these trends while designing and developing your website to maintain your position in the web market throughout this year. With new frameworks, evolving technologies and new layouts everything plays a critical role in attracting customers to your web page.

Let’s look at some of the hottest trends….

1) IOT (Internet of Things)

Much of the development in the app world is the result of IOT and it continued to grow enormously from 2015. It is expected to continue this growth till 2019 as it has played a big role in faster data transfer rate. IOT enables this process by linking smart objects while it is expected that with time a lot of advanced solutions will be innovated for the purpose of communicating with gadgets.

2) Motion User Interface

Last year’s emerging trend was Motion User Interface and it is expected to stay for long. The SASS library is one of the three main foundations for Apps by Zurb and it is used for creating animations quickly. Through its help it becomes a less complicated process to give a transitional smooth look to the apps.

3) Advanced Responsive Design

The web market is changing due to all the new technologically advanced platforms which will be using it. 2016 trends are considered to set the stage for next few years. There are several advanced devices, cohesive wearable gadgets, screens and advanced designed frameworks which are in huge demand and are considered to show a growing trend.

4) Upsurge in Real-time

The Real-time analytics are widely being used by mobile and desktop apps for activities such as live streaming etc. So the whole year is anticipated to witness an increased in its usage.

5) Navigation design for Full-screen

Usually for the sites which are browsed for mobile devices, the developers and designers prefer to use full-screen navigations. The increased use of this trend is observed as it enables users to jump to full-screen resolutions in an auxiliary natural way.

6) Adds blockers on the sites

A huge amount of money the website owners are losing due to advertisement blocking plugins. Many techniques have been developed which enable websites owners to avoid these growing effects. These new techniques happen to reduce the effects of advertisement blocking.

7) Containers Usage

To run, create and test an app swiftly Docker, a container service is used by the developers. A lot of advanced changes are making containers go huge this year. Docker is believed to evolve and gain more features and security.

8) Ultimate Browser Power

Throughout the past few years some major developments have been observed in the trend of things which the user can do with the browser. JavaScript is acknowledged as the browser’s de-facto language, making the browser more powerful than ever before. It stands out as the most powerful language for the year 2016.

9) IDEs

These days more people are turning towards cloud based versions of IDEs instead of using the traditional development environment. The key factors of IDE include fast accessibility and flexibility which is provided full-time even if you are not using it.

10) Enhanced Security

As users add different apps to their mobile devices the higher the risk becomes of the device getting prone to security breaches. The increase in the efforts to make apps extra secured and more safe is going to be a vivid trend of 2016.

11) The standard UX Bots

Popular apps in the web market like Facebook, Wechat etc. are using Bots and making the life of their users easier by providing easy use of their apps.

12) Apps Foundation

A single page app framework which is constructed through AngularJs and the flexbox grid framework. This framework empowers developers to develop quick yet easy and responsive web app creation. This year a lot of companies are believed to use it.

Final Thought

To make your website more tech savvy you can use these trends and increase the quality of your webpage. Many websites today are implementing such strategies to provide a competitive edge in the every growing web market.

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