15 Eye-opener Quotes on Artificial intelligence

Can we be the reason of our own damnation?

The recent ongoing debate was sparked in the wake of Artificial intelligence gaining momentum in various sectors such as healthcare, transport, retail and beyond. The fear of unknown in tech world is not unheard of. There was a similar hysteria when cloud computing was introduced, but this time it’s not just conspiracy theories that are forming resistance. Some of the tech giants and science prodigies are continuously sounding the alarm. While major investors are optimistic and actively dissing all possibilities of AI taking over or loss of jobs on massive scale as a result of AI driven automation, the case presented by Elon Musk, Jack Ma and the likes is worth considering.

Seems like an era of war of words between the tech giants.

In one camp, you will see notable supporters making their case in favor of advanced artificial intelligence. But the other side acknowledges the power and prowess yet remains critical about its uncontrolled entry into mainstream world. It is touted as that invention capable of posing an existential threat to humanity if allowed to propagate at an uncontrolled and unchecked pace.

Some tech giants are insisting we should place hurdles in its widespread proliferation before its too late. They believe the tech world is at odds because of this genuine fear that nations would compete to excel at AI and we might bear the far worse effects similar to that of the post nuclear obsession.

To put things into perspective let’s hear what the top minds say about Artificial Intelligence becoming our currency. Checkout the compilation of quotes on Artificial Intelligence.

Sounding the alarm

Interestingly, the stance promoting AI is worth listening to but the problem is that we know far too less about AI than we realize.

Conforming to AI

Another idea suggests that humans will not suffer unless they choose to conform, or else.

Some believe real intelligence can’t be replaced. So perhaps there is no reason to worry. Robots are just going to assist us in trivial and mundane tasks so that we can focus on things that matter and enjoy life.

In some cases, we can witness some bites of wisdom that question the psychological and emotional need for humans to create an intelligent being.

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