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4 Best Online Places to Learn Code for Free

Aiesha Hasan May 20, 2017

A few years back, there was a time when programming was considered as the geekiest thing ever. But that’s not exactly the case for today. Nowadays everyone holds a certain level of potential, the chance to learn and even can master programming languages easily.

So, if you are new to the world of programming, coding and web development, then it does make sense to start teaching yourself by utilizing all the free resources available online. Forget about all the complicated setups and cold command prompts and say hello to these 4 online places for instant and interactive lessons to teach you the programming languages, website and app development, tips and even best practices of the industry top professionals.

To make learning easier, I have gathered here top 4 resources for you to learn the code free online. Let’s kick-start the path into programming and coding today.


Codeacademy is no doubt a famous learning source to teach you to code interactively. All thanks to codeacademy’s helpful interface and well-structured courses. Opening the main page, you can already start seeing and tasting the programming right away with its attractive on-screen console. Pick any of the courses that Codeacademy offers which includes Web development, PHP, Javascript, JQuery, Python, Ruby and APIs.


In every lesson that codeacademy gives contains a panel that explains necessary code and interaction. Another advantage of the panel is that it allows you to write acceptable code and then it checks if you are doing right or not. Not to worry about the mistakes you make while coding as both the instructions and code panel will warn you about the errors and will give you hint to solve. Learning with codeacademy will make you feel like as if there’s a teacher sitting right beside you.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy, although not structured like other resources, but it does offer an open playground for everyone, particularly who are interested in learning drawing, animation and user-interaction with code. It doesn’t offer any specific programming language to learn, but the coding technique can be applied anywhere since all the languages share the same programming pattern.


First, join the basic programming courses to learn and understand the basic concepts and then discover the code to after the video tutorial to clear the doubts.  With the Khan Academy tutorial, save your modification as a spin-off to enjoy and customize. There are hundreds of spin-off from one lesson in one course, so you can imagine well the community size of Khan Academy .


SQL is the language designed to save and retrieve the data from the databases. Learning with SQLZOO will kill the boredom for you to learn SQL happily with its interactive interface and smileys.


There is nothing really deep or impossible to learn or explain this straightforward language, the site will make you learn how to replace the variables and some more advanced queries. One biggest drawback about this tutorial is the shortage of hints, answers, and forum, so you can probably get lost if you are failing to answer any of the quizzes.

Code School

Once you are done with your basic learning and wants to expand your skills and capabilities, Code School is the best place to learn from. Unlike other interactive sites, Code Schools give you an in-depth learning and training to make you an expert with the help of industry’s best practices.


The courses offered in CodeSchool are categorized in 4 main parts which are:

  •         Ruby
  •         JavScript
  •         iOS
  •         Html/CSS

Most of the courses offered are free and few of them are about $25/month for the entire course.

Good Luck

Missed any or know any other resources better than those above one, then do let us know in the comment below. Also share your experience about these resources as well.



Aiesha Hasan

Aiesha Hasan

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