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5 Most Common Magento Myths Debunked! What’s True & What’s Not?

Moiz Khan Dec 23, 2016

There is a disruption going on right now in every sector of our lives, and technology is playing a huge role in it. But, despite this ever-changing technological landscape, we still believe in certain stories, folklores, and myths regarding different things without knowing the facts.

Now, in this article, we are not going to talk about any Loch Ness Monster or Bigfoot, but a GIANT for sure. And when I say giant, I am specifically talking about Magento- an ecommerce platform that is used by nearly quarter of all online stores.

But it may boggle your mind that how can there be myths revolving around something as boring as an e-commerce platform? Well, the moment you opened this article, you’ve officially entered “the nerd world” and here you would find stories on such topics. *Wink*

Well, people do discuss certain usages, parameters, drawbacks about Magento, but they haven’t really personally experienced any of it. Those are all just preconceived notions peppered by people that have now become facts which simply aren’t true!

But before we go on exploring “Magento Myths”, let me just give you a little overview of Magento and discuss its key features in simple points:

  • Magento is an Open-Source Platform
  • Yields great results for SEO
  • Easily scalable
  • Supports entire site management
  • Has flexible security and payment options
  • Great analytics and reporting features

So, now that you know the key features of Magento, let’s discuss the Magento Myths in detail:

Myth #1: Magento is SLOW

I get that Magento is a bit complex e-commerce platform than the rest, but by no means is it slow. Magento is used by 25% of all online stores, and some of them include really big names like Adidas, Nike, Eastwood, etc. Thousands of visitors flock to these online stores daily, so, if it was slow, such big brands would never use Magento. Moreover, previous versions of Magento have been updated for any loopholes and the latest version Magento 2 has got some real performance improvements. So, if your website/online store is running slow, Magento isn’t the real culprit- look for other factors.

Myth #2: Magento can’t be used for small ecommerce stores

Magento is highly flexible and scalable, so it works perfectly fine for both small ecommerce stores and large-scale businesses. It totally depends on your business needs and if Magento is the right platform for your business. For non-techies, Magento development may be a little difficult to handle, but that too depends upon the level of technical tweaks you want to make in it. Nonetheless, Magento does promises do deliver the quality and performance that surely offers you great business growth.

Myth #3: Lacks customer support

Most of the people say that Magento doesn’t offer any customer support, well, that totally depends upon the Magento plan chosen by you. Magento offers 24/7 customer support if you go with the Enterprise Edition which is paid of course. But if you go with the community edition which is free, you can get help from the awesome Magento Community which is the biggest and the most responsive community that no other ecommerce platform has right now. So, just like in any other service, to enjoy advanced privileges, you must become a paid member, and same goes with Magento too.

Myth #4: It’s awesome for SEO

There is no denying the fact that Magento is SEO-friendly, but at the same time, we should not underestimate the importance of SEO and its properly deployed strategies for other ecommerce platforms. Ecommerce websites other than Magento can definitely rank better if they are tweaked and properly optimized for search engines. So, one should not ignore the significance of SEO as it’s a whole different ballgame.

Myth #5: The Magento Community is all I need

Well, running an ecommerce store is a crucial and delicate process. Sooner or later your store may require some serious fixes and you better be prepared for that, as time is of the essence and with every passing moment, you may lose potential prospects that are landing on your website. So, there are certain things which can’t be tackled by the DIY method or community support. And for this very reason, Arpatech ensures that your store stays up and glitch free at all times.

Community’s take on Magento Myths 

Now, when you reach out to communities for finding answers related to your queries, you’ll get mixed responses, both good and bad. Moreover, we wanted to keep things transparent, so we have included responses without any editing so as to keep the responses unbiased. So, some responses may not go well with our theme, but these are the genuine responses of the community regarding Magento, so, here they are:

1: I think the biggest myth is that you can install 15 different modules and they will all magically work together, like the multi-inventory center’s module will suddenly work with a custom POS module.

2: The craziest things is people thinking it is a point-and-click system that you can just install hundreds of mods for and it will all magically work.

3: The most dangerous myth IMO is: “You can run Magento with zero technical skill and not paying a penny to experts”.

4: Love Magento but wouldn’t really call these absolute myths – “Magento that it’s slow, its maintenance is expensive, it’s only suitable for Large-scale businesses’ limited customer support”.

Magento Myths…DEBUNKED?

Every ecommerce platform has its limitations, and there are various myths associated with each one of it. The Magento Myths that we have discussed in this article are the few ones which are really famous. But what do you think? Were these Myths enough? Do you know more? Or is there any Myth which you think is wrongly addressed? Kindly leave us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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