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5G Ecosystem with Mobile App Development

Arpatech Feb 20, 2020

Mobile app development has been steadily evolving towards the production of both complex and progressive apps with regard to functionalities and design. The role of a mobile app development company is more challenging in terms of meeting the users’ demand to be able to connect on the go and to provide continuous, seamless access to data regardless of location. 5G networks, the next generation of Internet connectivity, provide reliable connection to mobile devices with unimaginable speed.

Mobile apps will function efficiently with the introduction of 5G connectivity, and will give a boost productivity. Let’s see how it is going to impact mobile app development.

 Speedy Transfer of Documents

Countless apps revolve around the transfer of files, money, data or transfer from one device to the other. Electromagnetic waves are leveraged instead of radio waves and 5G proves to be a boon for such mobile apps as quick file transfer will take place. As a result, the user can stream videos in 4k and 360-degree without any interruption from their device.

 2X Improved User Experience

One of the key benefits of 5G technology is the accessibility of the user interface. You will notice a great deal of difference when you watch a movie over the 2G/3G/4G network, and then stream the same over 5G LTE. The new network is allowing users to substantially update the app’s UI.

Greater Efficiency

For rocket-like speed and ultra-low latency, users can have more IoT, virtual and augmented reality mobile apps. And that contributes to a powerful and exceptional user experience. Not only will developers be able to increase user retention, they will also be playing a significant role in increasing the overall product revenue.

Navigational App Development

High quality, uninterrupted communication presents a new world of opportunities for the development of navigational apps. 5G speed can leverage tourist industry growth. The developer can create an interface with famous historical sites from different regions while providing users with plenty of exclusive 5G technology features.

3D Experience Enhancement

With the launch of 5G, the development of mobile apps, 3D games and virtual augmented reality is getting a big boost. Mobile apps with 3D printers enabled by 5G network speed will give users the ability to create top-quality 3D object models. From all, this type of apps will be used in the construction and education sector.

Chatbots Assistants

Chatbots cannot completely replace humans, but there is no doubt that the 5G convergence would create better possibilities for prompt real-time feedback. The introduction of 5G technology shifts to Tactile Internet where haptic feedback is managed by the users.

Minimal Reliance on Hardware

5G implies rapid communication in real time across different devices. It transfers millions of MB of data without any delay. The performance of mobile app technologies become less dependent on the hardware processing power of smartphones, as the data center is responsible for all processing.

Benefits and Attributes of 5G

Mixed Reality

A big, 5G-dependent breakthrough is a mixed reality. Audio and visual reality expansion requires high speed and bandwidth. The 5G technology is most suited for this purpose. By leveraging this technology, developers are bringing innovations in the functions of mobile apps and introducing mixed reality applications.

Faster and better speed

The data transfer speed is 20 times faster than a 4G mobile network while adopting the 5G network for mobile app development. The videos and pictures are sent through the network at a faster rate.

It takes between 10-15 minutes for a HD video to stream over the 4G network. With the help of a 5G network, it takes only a few seconds to download.

No More Delays

Users can download files, surf the web, and stream videos speedily, by leveraging the 5G network. 3G and 4G networks continue to face download problems, particularly large-size videos and movies.

This won’t be a problem for 5G networks now. The mobile app developers are testing the app effectively with the enhanced bandwidth, while sending real-time data across the network.

Enhanced Connectivity

With the 5G network, the mobile tower imbibes will have a greater capacity than the standard 4G/LTE. Thus, numerous people are going to communicate. As a result, a variety of smart devices will grow which will result in making the industry flourish.


Last note

5G will considerably extend the possibilities being offered by networks such as 4G. With the entry of 5G mobile technology around the corner, it’s time for mobile app development companies and developers to get in-depth insights into the various possibilities it is going to embed.

To maximize the potential of mobile app development service in the future, recognizing 5G and its potential applications must be of high priority.

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