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7 Common Myths About iOS

Moiz Khan Apr 19, 2022
myths about iOS

iOS is the most popular mobile operating platform. From iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks, to Apple watch, IOS products have gained worldwide recognition for their smooth performance, classy designs, and user-friendliness. Apart from its many advantages, iOS, like many other platforms, is plagued with myths and misunderstandings that people assume to be real. These are the myths that contribute to their customer base being thrown off.

So, we’re here to dispel some popular iOS myths that need to be dispelled right away. You’ve arrived at the perfect place if you’re looking to buy an Apple product shortly. Let’s get started.

1. Apple Tracks Your Location

In early 2011, a rumor regarding iOS started circulating that it uses iPhone to track people’s location without their knowledge. The rumor was spread by some tech researchers who claimed that they had found tracking codes in Apple iOS.

This myth stayed in the tech industry for a while until Apple took the matter into its hands and released a statement, denying the claims and admitting that they use data, with the aim of providing iPhone users a better traffic service. Despite the clarification, some people still believe in this myth to date.

2. Insecure Touch ID

It is true that Touch ID has some drawbacks and they are present in every mobile operating platform. It is possible that it can be exploited but in practical circumstances, the chances of its occurrence are highly unlikely. Why? Because it is not a spy novel and hacking a Touch ID is definitely not worth it.

The bottom line: the Touch ID is as secure as other biometric authentication methods. Touch ID doesn’t make your personal information easy to access. Like many other mobile platforms, iOS does have some vulnerabilities, but Touch ID is surely not one.

3. iOS Apps Have No Future

It is true that Android applications are being developed abundantly all around the world. They sure have given a tough to iOS applications. However, this doesn’t indicate that iOS applications have no future. Nowadays, apps are becoming advanced and both platforms share some common apps as well. The truth is whichever app caters to the larger audience is going to stay no matter the platform it is associated with. Therefore, believing that iOS apps are not going to last is a myth that needs to be dumped right now.

4. Immune to Malware

Many users believe that iOS is a closed system, so it is impossible to catch malware on an iOS device. Even though every app that Apple launches and lists in App Store is reviewed by the company itself; however, it is possible that with infected apps, your phone’s security can be compromised. Such events are possible in iOS just like in any other mobile operating platform.

The security is in your hands. What can you do about it? It is simple: never connect to the Wi-Fi networks in a public place. It is one of the factors you must be extremely careful of. Even if you are connecting the Wi-Fi you have previously used, a hacker could use that and hack your personal information. Whether you are using an iOS or an Android device, you must pay attention to this security concern at all times.

5. iOS is Going Out of Business

Since the inception of iOS devices, the myth about them going out of the business has been running in the industry. Unfortunately, according to some tech journalists, Apple is a step away from bankruptcy with no significant proof to support the claim.

Apple is a tech giant that has its products used all over the world, gaining maximum profit. So, the misconception about its shutdown doesn’t make sense. These rumors surface from time to time when iOS launches a new phone or comes up with a software update. Critics have also stated that Apple will soon be pushed out of the computer hardware business.

6. Apple Products Aren’t Costly

People who are aware of modern gadgets and tech trends very well know that iOS product are costly. Even if you come up with hundred justifications, the fact about its hiking price can’t be denied. There is no doubt that Apple products are superior with their manufacture, designs, software programs, touch-screen magic, minimalistic perfection, and more which add to the skyrocketing price of its products in the market.

The interesting bit is people are also willing to invest the desired amount for the superior quality of iOS for the magnificent user experience. However, Apple is not a brand for rich people only. The brand-new iOS products may cost you a lot, but the slightly older versions fall into the same category of price as they do in any other mobile operating platform.

7. iPhone is Better than Android

This is the most common belief that once you start using iOS devices, there is no going back. However, it is not true as many people keep switching from Apple to Android. It entirely depends upon the preference and the style of a user. You can use both and decide which is the right pick for you. Certainly, iOS has strong loyalty associated with the name, but it doesn’t mean that people cannot find its products suitable for their needs.

The Bottom Line

The myths listed above clearly show when a company has a big name in the industry, myths and misconceptions become part and parcel of its identity. Like many other successful operating platforms, iOS is a myth magnet. As a user, it is your responsibility to do your research and learn the reality of every myth before you decide to believe it.

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