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9 Tips for Promoting a Product through Social Media

Arpatech Feb 17, 2020

Social media helps businesses to be in direct contact with target customers. Social media marketing is relatively inexpensive and allows the brands to reach billions of active users immediately.

Launching a product using social media offers multimedia-rich global platforms that make it possible for each community on social networks to spread the message and let others know about your brand.

Social media has proven to be one of the best channels for promoting products online for these reasons.

Social proofs bring authenticity

Customer rating and testimonials serve as an influencer, presenting the product in a good light to the user. It is always beneficial for the consumer to make an informed choice by understanding the experiences of other users, rather than having been swayed by social media advertising. That’s why it is important to make customer testimonials or user-generated content the identity of your brand on social media.

Hashtags help promotions

Recently, Instagram added the functionality to link other accounts and hashtags to your bio. People originally had to make do with memorizing the hashtags or using an emoji creatively. Now you can use the space to support and add hashtags to other location-specific accounts. These hashtags can be your brand’s hashtags or any other hashtags you want.

Create Targeted Ads

There’s a lot of ways to target someone on Facebook with ads. You may begin by adding the Facebook pixel to your page.

Take advantage of audience data provided by Facebook to target interest groups. If you’ve shopped online for shoes lately, you might find that you’re getting more shoe ads than ever before. That’s because Facebook has taken note of your shopping habits and added you to that list of interest.

Announce a giveaway

Giveaways are a great way to get people’s interest in your product and broaden the scope of your brand. The great thing about a giveaway is that it helps you sell your product without ‘actually’ promoting it.

The best giveaways are those in which the fans have little to do to participate. Those, too, are the highest in engagement. We’d suggest this way if you’re just starting out on giveaways.

So, keep your giveaway a simple and exciting. Keep it open to all participants and ensure that the reward is worthwhile.

Link your product on Instagram stories

Instagram feeds are now categorized by popularity instead of just chronological order, making it harder to get followers to see the posts.

Stories are a perfect way of combating this and bringing your brand in front of the target audience. Stories help you to include links and mentions, making it easier for audiences to see and buy your products.

Take help from employees

Employee support is increasingly becoming a significant source of brand promotion. With the support of your dedicated employees, you can encourage them to promote unique and personalized posts directly on their social channels for further outreach.

If you know that your campaign has a likely target demographic that suits your employees, involve them in easily shareable content.

Contact influencers

Collaborating with influential bloggers and influencers is one of the best suggestions to increase brand awareness. So, reach out to influencers and work out plans to promote the products to different customers to keep them hooked with your brand or product.

If you are marketing to your target audience in other communities, then monitor the responses to these posts.

Talk about your product on social media communities

Joining niche-relevant social media communities/groups can also serve as a good way to raise awareness about your product. The participation in social media groups to support your product will potentially bring better outcomes, because members are already interested or looking for the product as yours.

Don’t forget to tag your product on posts

Shoppable tags are a must for retail brands, a feature which is available on Instagram and Facebook. They identify your products to your customers and through the tag shoppers can easily buy them from your website.

Over to you!

Whether you would like to market your brand on social networks through promotional items or business products, this is one of the powerful and engaging mediums for making your product stand out amongst competitors as well as for attracting more customers.

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