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Android Vs iOS – The Choice Of Mobile Application Development Platform

Mehreen Siddiqua Nov 20, 2018

For startups and business owners working on mobile application development around the world, the number one question on their mind is which platform should I choose. Android vs iOS has taken the center-stage as Microsoft and other platforms are not considered by majority of the population. If you are new to mobile app development, you need to get informed on certain stats. This will enable you to take an informed decision on the choice of platform for the mobile app.

Allow us to begin with a piece of universal context. Research confirmed that in 2015 the worldwide phone shipments were around 1.44 billion devices, with a boom of 12% from closing. This figure is mounting as nowadays all consumers are looking ahead to shop for an Android or an iOS cellphone.

Android remains undefeated and emerges as the most used operating system because more brands use android system in comparison to iOS where the only stakeholder is Apple. This might shift your decision in the favor of Android but there are more factors to give a nuanced explanation for this choice.

However, we’re making this even simpler for you. Here are the top 4 deciding factos to narrow down your choice for Android or iOS platform.

Target Audience

Android has been fairly successful in emerging markets of Asia, Africa and South America. iOS alternatively focuses on top rate clients and markets like North America and Western Europe.

Looking into information on the operation device utilization by international locations, we will see that most of the countries use Android instead of iOS despite the fact that we communicate approximately top class markets.  To provide you an insight here are a number of the nations that we took into attention to look if you have to build on Android or iOS first.


App Monetization

Have you planned to monetize your app? Your modus operandi could be paid app advertising or an in-app purchase. Now here comes some stats to prove the dominance of iOS. Take note that iOS gets at least 45% more revenue than Android for in-app purchases. They have also defined consumer behavior as well because Apple users are 10% more likely to opt for an in-app purchase than their counterpart android users. Apple is successful with its niche targeting since its consumers have a spending strength 5 times higher than Android users.

Does that shift your opinion towards iOS? Perhaps this will convince you.

Retail App

You can go for iOS application development also because its consumers are more likely to shop from their cellphone. This consumers with spending power also tend to be short on time. Hence they prefer shopping from mobile and contribute a good chunk of revenue to m-commerce. 23% of iOS users shop from their mobile while 17% of Android users tend to mobile shoppers.

App Development Fee

With android application development, the charges tend to get higher in some places whereas others will charge more for iOS application development. The bottom line is that there is rarely any certainty when it comes to pricing. But that genuinely relies upon your mobile development associate. As an example, we at Arpatech have the equal pricing for Android and iOS application development, as we trust it’s our activity to parent out generation without making our clients pay more due to the fact one platform is a bit extra complex than the opposite.

A very last idea on the iOS versus Android battle

As a quick end here: all of these principal mobile operating systems have their very own benefits and drawbacks. Android targets a wide range of consumers whereas Apple has a more engaged and loyal audience that enjoys better customer satisfaction. Sooner or later, what you necessarily want to do so that you can take an awesome selection to begin with is to judge your audience perfectly, apprehend how you need your app customers to apply your product and anticipate what the next improvement step will be for you after you proven a marketplace want and got some preliminary traction. Without these objective factors for decision making, your choice between Android and iOS could be biased.


Mehreen Siddiqua

She is a millennial with a sense of humor that she embodies in visuals. A Digital Marketer focusing on Social Media Marketing by profession, exploring diverse avenues and ventures in tech while honing entrepreneurial skills. Currently she is the communications coordinator and strategist for Arpatech looking into e-commerce, consumer behavior and digital business models.