Aiesha Hasan

Aiesha Hasan

Digital Content Producer at Arpatech
Aiesha Hasan is a Web Developer and a Digital Content Creator. She likes to keep in touch with the latest technology in the world and educate people about it.
Aiesha Hasan

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What is DevOps? A guide as How DevOps Functions

Aiesha Hasan - Jun 13, 2017

DevOps is becoming an overloaded buzzed word which has different terminology for different people. DevOps has gained popularity over the past few year ...

Development And Design Under The Same Roof With Magneto Development

Aiesha Hasan - Jun 12, 2017

Designing and developing any e-commerce site or online web shop on Magento is very challenging. The features seem so easy but actually, they are not. ...

How to do External Database Connection in Magento

Aiesha Hasan - Jun 8, 2017

Mostly, a single database connection is required only while working with Magento. Magento has excellent features to add new tables to the database or ...

Looming PHP 7 & Its Effect on WordPress

Aiesha Hasan - Jun 5, 2017

It is no more a secret anymore that PHP 7 has gained a lot of popularity, more than its previous versions. There are some questions which arise while ...

Education Web Design: 7 Elements that Influence Conversions

Aiesha Hasan - May 31, 2017

The road for conversion on any website is a long one. Countless of factors matters as why someone would take action on your site. In this post right h ...