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What is AIaaS? Is it the ‘next big thing’?

Arpatech - Apr 10, 2020

Many big IT companies such as Amazon (Web Services), Google (Cloud Platform), Microsoft (Azure) and IBM (Developer Cloud) have started providing Artif ...

How to Safeguard Your Cloud Security From Next Cyber-attack

Arpatech - Apr 8, 2020

This year has been very exciting year for cloud computing and it is only going to get bigger in the years ahead. It’s quite clear why businesses are ...

Types of Virtualization in Cloud Computing

Arpatech - Apr 3, 2020

Companies of all sizes endorse virtualization as a means of cutting IT expenses, improving security and increasing operational efficiency. Even while ...

AI Can Help Us Fight With The Pandemic

Arpatech - Apr 1, 2020

Human beings have fought against infectious diseases throughout history. Although we have developed several effective medicines, new viruses continue ...

Microsoft Edge or Chrome in Disguise?

Arpatech - Mar 30, 2020

Statcounter research states that, ‘As of December 2019, Chrome had 6 ...