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What Gamification is not

Arpatech - May 11, 2018

Gamification belongs to the larger thought process of game thinking that involves a methodology that elaborates the means to engage and motivate diffe ...

How to Secure Magento Against SQL Injections

Arpatech - Oct 3, 2016

We have all heard and witnessed that Magento comes with some predefined tools which are intended to secure your store from SQL injections. Yet the sec ...

When is Google’s birthday? The Only thing wrong with the Google’s 18th birthday celebratory doodle

Arpatech - Sep 27, 2016

As a tradition followed each year, it’s time for wishing Google Happy birthday. Just like every other search engine growing older google is also agi ...

12 Web Development Trends You Must Know About in 2016

Arpatech - Sep 5, 2016

The world of Web development is a rapidly changing domain. 2016 brought some of the hottest trends which you should be aware of if you are part of the ...