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Google Stadia Likely To Be Beaten By Microsoft xCloud For Smartphone Gaming

Arpatech - Jul 18, 2019

A newly published patent has revealed that software giant Microsoft xCloud could beat Google Stadia for smartphone gaming, with xCloud’s specific fo ...

How to Set Up RSS to Email Newsletter in WordPress

Arpatech - Jul 17, 2019

Do you have a mailing list operating along with your blog? If not, you should definitely think about setting up one. But how are you supposed to do th ...

AI Algorithm Can Now Solve Rubik’s Cube In Less Than a Second

Arpatech -

Researchers have created an AI algorithm that can solve a Rubiks Cube in a fraction of a second, quicker than most people. The work is a step towards ...

Mobile App Redesign Process: The Ultimate Guide

Arpatech - Jul 16, 2019

Market is emerging as fast as it can. With the mobile app, changes in the design of the user interface market are pacing ahead in the competition. Lik ...