Mehreen Siddiqua

She is a millennial with a sense of humor that she embodies in visuals. A Digital Marketer focusing on Social Media Marketing by profession, exploring diverse avenues and ventures in tech while honing entrepreneurial skills. Currently she is the communications coordinator and strategist for Arpatech looking into e-commerce, consumer behavior and digital business models.

Snapchat OR Instagram Which is the Big Thing?

Mehreen Siddiqua - Sep 28, 2017

Snapchat - Statistics & Facts:

Snapchat is something that considers a great mobile image messaging or multimedia sharing app. It launche ...

Facebook ALGO Changes Marketers Should Know About

Mehreen Siddiqua -

The social platform is surely playing a prominent part for any company. It is providing not only visibility and attraction to the customers but also g ...

The Evolution Of JavaScript In Recent Times

Mehreen Siddiqua - Jun 19, 2017

Javascript was created by Brendan Eich, who was an employee at Netscape Communications Corporation at that time. He began to develop a scripting langu ...