Mubashir Ahmed

Mubashir Ahmed

Magento Community Manager at Arpatech
Mubashir has served many clients in the domain of Web Development. He loves to work in Business Intelligence and Data-warehousing. He is engaged in latest eCommerce trends and also loves to Travel. You can follow him on Twitter @m_ahmdd or e.mail mubashir.ahmad[at]
Mubashir Ahmed

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Transfer Bulk Products Between Categories In Magento

Mubashir Ahmed - Dec 14, 2016

Moving products between categories in Magento seems to be a hectic job. Imagine that your employee gives you a days' estimate to move products to a ne ...

“It’s almost like you have to tame Magento” – Interview With Magento Front-End Developer, Ben Crook

Mubashir Ahmed - Dec 9, 2016

Ben Crook is a Magento evangelist with years of  front-end development experience.  He enjoys creating responsive, easy to use, smoothly-coded websi ...

“Magento Is A Really Complex Platform” – Interview With Magento Guru, Gabriel Guarino

Mubashir Ahmed - Dec 2, 2016

Gabriel is a web developer with over 7 years of experience in the Magento eCommerce system. He is in the web development field for more than 11 years, ...

“I still get nervous when interacting with the community, but my passion outweighs my fear” – Interview With Rebecca L Troth

Mubashir Ahmed - Nov 25, 2016

Rebecca has been a designer, developer, and a secret poet. She is famous for her love for Magento. She is the devoted and passionate member ...

This is How to Create Attributes, Sets and Groups in Magento and Personalize Them!

Mubashir Ahmed - Nov 24, 2016

At times, the default Magento settings may seem too basic or could potentially lack the functionalities you want to have in your online store. Well, d ...