Mubashir Ahmed

Mubashir Ahmed

Magento Community Manager at Arpatech
Mubashir has served many clients in the domain of Web Development. He loves to work in Business Intelligence and Data-warehousing. He is engaged in latest eCommerce trends and also loves to Travel. You can follow him on Twitter @m_ahmdd or e.mail mubashir.ahmad[at]
Mubashir Ahmed

This Is How To Easily Fix Magento 2 Installation Errors

Mubashir Ahmed - Nov 16, 2016

Let's face it! Very few of the online stores are out there which are running the default plug and play setup of any ecommerce platform. There are alw ...

Create a Static Block And Call It From .phtml File in Magento

Mubashir Ahmed - Nov 8, 2016

There are different ways of adding a static block to your CMS page in Magento. We all know Magento offers the following  handles for CMS pages:


“The Power of Magento, In My Opinion, Comes With Its Awesome Community of Smart People.” -Interview With Tobias Hartmann

Mubashir Ahmed - Nov 4, 2016

Tobias is a designer/developer and a Magento enthusiast. He is currently working as a Magento Front-end developer at Sitewards. In this interview, Tob ...

How To Display Customized Category Listing In Magento Store

Mubashir Ahmed - Oct 24, 2016

Today, we will learn how to display custom category listing block in Magento 1.9. In the end of this tutorial you will be able to create a custom cate ...