Muzammil Hussain

Muzammil Hussain

Digital marketer by passion, trainer & public speaker. Currently managing digital marketing team in Arpatech.
Muzammil Hussain

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How VR Is Influencing Mobile App Development

Muzammil Hussain - Feb 21, 2019

We have, in the last few years, witnessed a number of technological innovations across different fields that have revolutionized the world. Mobile app ...

7 Ways Virtual Reality Will Change Our Lives

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How Mobile App Development Will Transform Beyond IOT

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How To Get Featured In Google Answer Boxes

Muzammil Hussain - Nov 30, 2018

What are Google Answer Boxes?

A featured snippet/answer boxes/zero ranking is an answer to search query extracted from a we ...

5 Stress Management Tips for Digital Marketers

Muzammil Hussain - Oct 30, 2018

Professional Stress is inevitable. Everyone, whether working in digital marketing or any other fie ...