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Benefits of Using Mean Stack For Web Development

Mirza Azhar Baig Sep 29, 2017

In this recent era, lots of development technologies have been introduced from time to time. They offer unbelievable services and fulfilling growing demands of digital renovation across the world. Among such technologies; MEAN STACK is something one of them that gets listed as the greatest technology. It utilizes for developing top mobile apps. Today, MEAN Stack gets employed by leading mobile app development giants across the world.

Basic Acronym for MEAN is

MongoDB: M describes its open source as MongoDB which means a free and cross-platform database used for JavaScript. It utilizes JSON document focused on style that serves entire data representation. So, the reason behind selecting this technology means to restrict us to fair single language-JavaScript for the entire app development.

ExpressJS : E represents ExpressJS which represents one of the utmost dynamic tools; used for developing actual functioning mobile and web applications. So, it provides the negligible framework used for web development as Node.js. Yet, it functions quite enormous and even possible to design entire website simply using Node.js and Express.js. This combination empowers us to design even software on the server-side. It means Node.js becomes really vital and Express.js supports in publishing the app on web domain.

AngularJS: A defines AngularJS which means it is a front-end JS framework that outspreads HTML along with some more new characteristics. It recognizes now widely and utilized in developing client-side apps with integrated code and a data required User Interface. It determines categorically ideal and easy to learn tool for developing Single Page Applications.

Node.js : N elaborates Node.js as a great prevailing, open source and cross-platform. It supports JavaScript-based run-time framework specially designed on Google Chrome’s JSV8 engine. It implements through the worldwide developers as it provides a free platform that combines with ExpressJS to fulfill application development.

MEAN Stack Perception:

As MEAN Stack means a completely free and open-source platform supporting the JavaScript software stack. It is providing facilities in designing websites and web applications. The MEAN Stack developers try their best to implement incredible features to use in across app and web development projects. Therefore, the developers also find the MEAN stack as a great worth, as its applications. They mean capable for writing in a single language for both either at client side or server-side.


Features & Benefits

Precisely, the noteworthy features can cover across any code with JavaScript as the mutual denominator for the mixed technologies in the MEAN stack. So, the exchanging between client and server code turns into easier with the MEAN stack as JavaScript is quite supportive in both the browser and on the server as well. Although, the MEAN Stack provides efficiency through MongoDB that offers an additional flexibility and a cooperative layer for storing data. While, Node.js supports an efficient nexus for running server and Express.js provides assistance to design your websites. On the client side, AngularJS serves an ideal way to enhance cooperative functions and AJAX-driven rich components. Another significant benefit of this ideal technology means that MEAN can find an independent platform. It plays the courteous part with both Linux and Windows operating systems alike.

Well Managed Web Development Tool

MEAN Stack is defining to the greatest web development tool that writes entire code in JavaScript. Thus, any single project can be easily planned and designed through a very easy tool. Obviously, this makes it a model and classic option for creating real-time web apps. Also, it is using Single Page Applications and the web pages will not require being refreshed for each server request, as different traditional web apps need. Finally, developers find each technology in the MEAN Stack to be free and open-source. The worldwide community of MEAN Developers contributes to further new developments and also the upgrades of the software version.

Mirza Azhar Baig

Mirza Azhar Baig

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