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Best Magento Development Blogs & Tutorial Websites To Follow In 2017

Aiesha Hasan Apr 25, 2017

Started out as a simple e-commerce software in 2007.but over the years, Magento has become the de-facto standard of the e-commerce industry. Magento is available in three distinct but in independent flavors: Magento Community Edition, Magento Enterprise Edition, and Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition.

Written completely in PHP, due to an important reason for the stability and robustness of this platform. The database supported by Magento are MySQL and MariaDB. The most attractive feature of Magento platform is the customization of almost every feature of the storefront and internal mechanics of the online store.

Being only the PHP expert is not enough to become an effective Magento developer. While working with/on Magento, many professional experts find themselves out of their depth. Magento possesses a complicated structure that requires an expert understanding of PHP, MVC, and OOP to accomplish things for real-world online stores.

The most important way of understanding the structure of Magento and improving the quality of your Magento store is to follow high-value resources. These resources shared down here includes the top-rated developers and blogs that regularly publish tutorials and educational material regarding Magento.

Follow the Hashtags #

The first and the easiest way is to follow the hashtags such as #magento, #magento2, and #realmagento. Social media brings up the freshest and latest articles/blogs published by the top rated resources. Instead of going through and scrolling down unwanted newsfeeds and timelines, just subscribe yourself to these hashtags on social media platform to get the latest news and tutorials as soon as they are published or released.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is yet another great resource for Magento developers to learn about the new trends of Magento. The vast and huge volume of information on this platform enables the developers to decipher the solution of their Magento problems by reading and following the specific threads.

The real power of Magento is its community people who contribute to the platform and its various components. Magento has a huge list of dedicated developers who regularly contribute to this platform.

Magento Training Websites

Magento development agencies and web development houses are now regularly publishing and updating people with articles and blogs which mainly focuses on the training of developers for Magento. Many professional experts are now preferring these resources because they are created and maintained by certified Magento developers who describes their points in an easy and understandable manner.

Arpatech publishes high-quality Magento articles on its official blog page to tell you more about the latest updates of Magento.

Official Magento DevDocs

Magento DevDocs is a one-stop solution for you to get to know all the Magneto related guides and information. If you are in search of a customized Magento store, look towards DevDocs.

Magento Community Forums

Magento Community Forums, the official community for the Magento people. In this forum, you can get access to a wide network of dedicated Magento specialists sharing their tricks, tips, and all the support you may need.

Magento Stack Exchange

Magento StackExchange is the official Q/A forum for all the Magento users. Whatever question you have in mind or being bugged by, there will be many experts available in this forum to provide you the relevant answers.

Corporate Magento Training

Training is necessary, especially if you are a beginner.

Join any Magento training platform start participating in different courses to give a kick-start your career growth now.

Popular Magento Blogs

Sharing down here the list of resourceful and popular Magento blogs to follow to stay updated about the latest Magento trends.

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