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Best Tools And Resources For Startups

Moiz Khan Feb 24, 2022

These days we see many aspiring entrepreneurs launching their startups. The main issue they face is how they can keep the cost to the minimum level as at the outset, the startups don’t earn much revenue and there are many unavoidable expenses that come along with online businesses. Therefore, to make it convenient for startup owners, there are some tools and resources that can be very beneficial to enhance efficiency and to propel success and growth into startups. Let’s discuss a few.

Clarity – Ideation Tool

Ideation is a rudimentary ye critical part of any process. This phase is extremely important for you to have a clearer direction on how to proceed further. Clarity is one of the recommended ideation tools for startups as it helps entrepreneurs get the best piece of actionable advice on their entrepreneurial journey from industry professionals. You can ask them how to raise funds, sharpen your skills, research the newest trends in the market, tips on scaling your business, and more that can enhance your thinking process.

Mockplus – Design and Development Tool

Design and development take a lot of time and require maximum attention. For a fresh entrepreneur, it can be tough as one wrong step in this direction can spell disaster for a startup. Mockplus is a web-based design tool that helps in the creation of responsive wireframes and prototypes. They can be developed using ‘drag and drop’ functions in real time. This tool has diverse components and icons and it not only focuses on the designing part, but also offers team collaboration and handoff management inside the organized system.

Foundersuite – Finance and Fundraising Tool

Financial balances are an important element of a startup. It helps comprehend the record of revenue generation and more. Foundersuite is the best tool that enables you to raise capital for your startup. It enhances the fundraising and investor relationship by introducing structure, speed, and efficiency to the process. Foundersuite also offers a CRM tool to manage investor funnel and other tools that are required to develop monthly progress reports.

Hootsuite – Marketing Tool

In today’s world where social media rules the roost, a solid social marketing strategy is key to your startup’s survival—and success. It requires proper implementation of analysis, marketing campaigns, and more. Hootsuite is the finest social media marketing tool available which is very well known in the startup community, essentially for its simple UI and economical pricing.

With the help of a free plan of Hootsuite, you can post more than 30 posts all over social media platforms. It not only allows you to evaluate your ROI (Return on Investment) on social media campaigns but also helps you check the impact your strategies have created.

The Bottom Line

Your startup can either be a hit or a failure, depending upon the tools you choose to make use of. These tools and resources are beneficial for startups and small businesses if they are efficiently used. They can help an aspiring entrepreneur keep their operation easier, more seamless, and more effective.

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