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How to Build Instagram B2B Marketing Campaign for Businesses

Moiz Khan Aug 29, 2019

Instagram is used by over 25 million companies across the world are taking advantage of Instagram for Business. There are thousands of brands and a number of high-profile B2B organizations that use Instagram to raise brand awareness, engage their audiences and eventually attract new customers. Instagram can help in increasing leads clicking on landing pages, reduce the cost of lead generation, and allow your company to target a niche market. With 800+ million monthly users, Instagram is ruling the social media.

So, what is Instagram? What does it do?

Instagram is a social networking app designed to share pictures and videos from a mobile phone. Everyone who creates an Instagram account has a profile and a news feed. When you post a photo or video, it will become visible on your profile, and those who follow you will see the post in their own feed. which implies you’re also going to see the messages from the people you decide to follow.

Instagram B2B Marketing Strategies

Every social media platform offers different strategies. Thankfully, there are a bunch of great B2B Instagram strategies. Here are some of the best ones.

Get involved with your audiences in interactive ways


Postings aren’t enough. You need to get involved with your audiences in conversations. Not just post pictures and videos, give an appropriate reply to your community when they leave a response. Take the time to check out other Instagram profiles, pages, have a browsing experience, like some content, and you may also leave friendly comments here and there. Try to engage with the audience so they try to engage with you on your social medium.

Be swanky about your products


Rather than creating an image that showcases your brand’s finest work. Upload colorful and catchy images of your products with a caption that gives all the amazing details about it. The nature of the picture will differ depending on your business genre. For instance, if you are in the fashion domain, if you’re in the fashion space, you can post photos of models/individual wearing your products.

Use your customer’s testimony through visuals


It is a great way to brag about your brand in disguise. Post pictures and comments of your bona fide customers and put their words in caption depicting how satisfied they are with your product or services. You may also upload a video where they can tell how beneficial your product or service has been for them or how your business has helped them in transforming their lives. There’s no better medium like Instagram that excitingly shows the perks of working in a particular company. It is essential to remember that “customers” can mean “employees.” This approach is sometimes referred to as “employee advocacy,” but whatever name you use for it, just remember that your employees have meaningful content to share —and can highlight your company culture in the process.

Hashtags win the overall scenario


If you let your audience participate, you don’t necessarily ask them for anything, i.e. visuals and a story. Rather, you usually convey a shared core value through a hashtag. Hashtags make your Instagram content discoverable. Followers get to engage in hashtags, plain and simple. That’s why so many companies are promoting their own branded hashtags to encourage interaction with their customers. PayPal users are using the #PayPalIt hashtag on Instagram, and this has been applied to over 8,000 posts. While Paypal sets the narrative, consumers push the narrative along with their participation in Instagram with the brand.

Uploading a story gets you heard


In the world of Instagram, businesses that tell the most interesting stories are setting up the largest audience. If you want to attract individuals to your company and get them to participate with you, you need coherent visual storytelling that cuts through all of Instagram’s noise. Don’t restrict your focus to your overall picture and video feeds. The Instagram Stories function allows you to develop a slideshow or a picture or video montage. When you’re tied together, tell a tale and give your audience a more personal experience.

Give your customers free tips


Giving useful tips to the customers will make you the apple of the eye. Moreover, it will convince them to think that you are an expert in your industry. You probably might have already given some kind of advice in your content marketing. But this time do it prominently with an Instagram post. Use images with short, pithy pointers. Then, elaborate on those pointers in the caption. Post tips with corresponding comments and responses that make it clear that you understand what you have posted.

Analyze which content works best for your business


Perform a little analysis of your post. See which posts get the most engagement and likes.  Do a day-to-day, post-by-post analysis and you will get to know which one is resonating the most. You may also make use of some tool that provides you the whole analytics in one place.

When you get to see everything in one place in different time frames you analyze what is working for you and what is not. Once you are done analyzing, put your focus on the type of content that works best for your business.

How to get the best of Instagram B2B strategy?

  • Show your business successes and value via postings.
  • Put the most creative, catchy and interactive content
  • Post Instagram stories regularly
  • Show the inside of the business in a positive light
  • Put an ad budget for promoted content
  • Run Instagram advertisements for all those who visit the website.
  • Upload and target your customer list via Instagram Advertisements
  • Create look-a-like audiences and target them through ads
  • Run content ads put them down into the funnel and finally run straight conversion ads

Summing up

Instagram is a potential marketing tool for B2B businesses. But to make the most of it one needs to develop an effective content strategy centered around thoughtful visuals. That being said, with every social platform, it is important to be prepared with the knowledge and tools needed to create ROI through social media.

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