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How Business Intelligence Can Improve Ecommerce Business

Rakia Binte Khalid Oct 23, 2019

What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence (BI) software is software that collects, evaluates, and presents business information and big data.

BI Leads to Sales

The information acquired from BI can help your organization cut costs and enforce more effective processes, leading to higher sales.

BI Improves Decision Making

Research suggests that decisions made by using data, rather than instinct, make the chances of success 80% greater.

Marketing & BI

Business intelligence reveals what marketing campaigns and advertisements worked the best, letting you focus time and resources on marketing campaigns that increase sales.

BI and Customer Retention

According to verifiable research evidence, a new customer is six to seven times costlier than retaining an existing customer. Business intelligence software can tell you why some of your customers are ditching you and others continue to buy from your company.