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Top 7 Chatbot Platform Tools To Build Chatbots For Your Business

Moiz Khan Mar 10, 2017

The graph of popularity for the messaging apps is increasing day by day and becoming a hot trend for the e-commerce business owners as they are getting benefit from it. Social media platform and messaging apps provide a lot of marketing and user interaction opportunities for the business owners. Because through this they can market their products and can also offer customer services to their users through these chatbots.

Chatbots are actually AI (Artificial Intelligence) based software applications that can easily integrate into the messaging platforms. A chatbot function in various ways such as in e-commerce or marketing depending on their type like they can personally talk to u or can give you automatic customer services or can even tell you the current service you are providing or the products your website is offering.

Chatbots are basically programmed to behave like human beings and are made to perform multiple tasks like collecting information or feedbacks from the customers or the consumer preferences.

The typical question is how exactly can you build a chatbot for your website? Well here are 7 top best chatbot creator apps to build your own chatbot. They are easy to use or implement as most of them don’t need any programming.



Chatfuel, an ideal chatbot creator for the business pages on facebook. Chatfuel will guide and help you in building your own chatbot without any knowledge needed for the coding. The additional feature in chatfuel is the easy navigation steps to guide the consumers in a more friendly way. Chatfuel is catering over 7 million users globally and is used by some world-renowned websites like Uber, National geographic and Techcrunch. Around 230,000 chatbots are created by chatfuel for different industries.



Smooch behaves and acts like a connector or a bridge between the business apps like slack, zendesk, and others and between the messaging apps too like line, Facebook messenger, WeChat, and others. Smooch forwards all your incoming chat notifications from the messages apps to your business apps. Through this, you can answer the chat questions of your customers even without the business apps.

Beep Boop:


Beep Boop is modern paid to host chatbot builders which are specifically for Facebook messenger or Slack. Set up the bot source code on Github, launch it on Beep Boop and integrate it with any of the messaging apps. The Beep Boop chatbot is used for Facebook business pages to interact with customers via real chat, can answer their questions and can guide them through transactions.

Microsoft Bot Framework:


Microsoft Bot Framework has its own platform for creating chatbots which not only offers conversation but also attachment options. Microsoft Bot Framework can build chatbots for Skype, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Office 365, email and more. The framework offers chatbot builders with SDKs for Node.js and.Net platform. The framework has its Bot directory which has an impressive collection of pre-built bots.



Botsify is another chatbot creator tool mainly for Facebook Messenger. Botsify has simple to use interface which lets business owners build their own chatbot without any coding. This tool has Facebook Messenger API which offers features that help developers to configure personalized responses, align messages, integrate with WordPress and also can pull data from data analytics tool. Botsify also supports media contents like audio, images and video files.



Pandorabots is web-based tools and services which allow to host and create chatbots.  With this tool, you can create AI based chatbots for customer services, IOT interfaces, advertising, games and more. Pandorabots has a large online community of 225k+ developers and more than 285k+ chatbots are created by this platform. The platform has also a tool called AIaaS (Artificial Intelligence as a Service) which is a RESTful API for accessing the bot hosting platform and integrating chatbot into the web and mobile applications.

Motion AI:


Motion AI is the platform for enterprises to create and deploy chatbots for Facebook Messenger, Slack, Email,  Web, and SMS. The platform has free plans as well as premium plans. It also has documentation to help you creating a chatbot easily. Motion AI also has a bot store to allow developers to share their chatbots with others.


Chatbots are unique and latest way to interact with the users and offer them your services. The popularity of chatbots is growing at a fast pace. Chatbot expert Murray Newlands said that Where 10 years ago every company needed a website and five years ago every company needed an app, now every company needs to embrace messaging with AI and chatbots

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