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Why Choose Agile Methodology for Mobile App Development

Rakia Binte Khalid Jul 29, 2019

Since the mobile application development is becoming the growing trend in the business landscape, the competition to step in the mobile industry has been exaggerated. Today business officials are looking for every feasible way to reach the market at the earliest and stand out in the contest and that too without any compromise with the quality and amount of market opportunities. One such method that is popular on the market is the adoption of the Agile methodology.

Agile mobile app development methodology is the methodology of iterative and step-by-step software development. Agile application development helps organize strategies of design and planning, development and testing during a software lifecycle. All Agile methods are based on the following principles:

  • Rapid response to any changes with the assistance of adaptive planning.
  • Joint development of requirements.
  • Rationalization of duties performed by the development team.
  • Step-by-step software development with rigid time frames.

This method is used in many of today’s development projects. Thus, the Agile methodology encourages experts to handle development teamwork and organize their tasks effectively. And this methodology is based on a democratic approach to the whole process of an organization.

How Agile Methodology Works

Since the Agile app development methodology consists of a few short cycles (2-3 weeks each), risk minimization takes place. After each cycle, a customer can see the outcome, and he/she can request any modifications. Thus, a customer has a direct influence on the development and controls it. Each Agile application development lifecycle comprises of the following phases:

  • Planning;
  • Analysis of requirements;
  • Design;
  • Development;
  • Testing;
  • Preparation of documentation.

One cycle is not enough to build a full product, but each iteration demonstrates part of the functionality that can be tested and/or changed. After each cycle, the development team sums up everything and can receive new requirements, then some adjustments can be made in the software development plan.

Benefits of Agile Mobile App Development Approach

You might wonder what’s the advantage of using agile methodology in your mobile app development. Or maybe why choose Agile to develop your mobile app. Here’s the answer.

Reliable Development Process

The mobile app project gets split into smaller modules when we talk about Agile which then are treated as separate sub-projects. These sub-projects make the process transparent as they are handled by separate teams without counting on one another.

Besides, everyone gets unambiguous instructions of what is expectant of them and the related resources and deadlines that carry out the development process. As a result, every developer plays their best in the mobile app development project, which then results in a proper app development process with faster delivery.

Offer Better Profits

With the Agile Methodology, you can have a test and trial through the most fundamental app (MVP). It helps mobile development companies to update the app with every iteration. This is a friendly way for executives of mobile apps to test their concept, collect insights build brand presence and then eventually provide the best and demanded features meeting customer requirements and latest trends.  Consequently, with the help of relevant information, they make the right choice and gain better and improved ROI.

Safest Choice

Launching your own app can be quite challenging, as market trends and requirements keep on evolving. They are evolving at a pace that often when you launch your app, it happens that the trends and data you thought will work out become outdated while you were developing your app. And hence the result is poor ROI and a dark future.  In such a scenario, Agile comes at rescue. The tool it provides helps you estimate the risks and brighten your business scope.  In other words, Agile Methodology enables a mobile app development company to make necessary changes to any particular sprint without troubling the code of preceding sprints. Hence, it results in making your application up-to-date and market-friendly.

Quality Control Process

Debugging is one of the most tiresome tasks a mobile developer has to perform. It is like Digging through blocks of code to discover the source of a bug is often like looking for a needle in a haystack. But with Agile, different parts of a project are fundamentally modular; developers can bypass many of these problems. You can test each sprint separately which will lower the risk of bugs becoming eminent in the development phase. Also, it ensures a more reliable and responsive product when deployed for your customers.

Customer Feedback as Topmost Priority

With the ever-evolving digital age, mobile apps cannot be static. The high trends in the market today won’t be the same after a year or a month down the line. So the tip here is to listen to the customers’ criticism and needs. The quicker you adapt the changes your customer demand the better you will be at retaining customers.

With the Agile Methodology, the life of your project can be expanded. It is much simpler to update mobile apps designed with the agile philosophy in mind than the compatibility issues that come with applications designed with a more traditional methodology.

You can receive updates in precise sprints, which can help you effectively triage and deploy the most complicated updates rather than just releasing the versions spread out in terms of timing.

Smart Control Over Project

The agile process has transformed the entire app development project into separate modules, it also provides you with the facility to manage project conveniently. With Agile mobile app development process, you can easily assign tasks to different teams and reduce the inter-dependencies and debates.

You can also keep a record of the operations done on each small project and figure out easily what is working and what is not as per the suggested strategy. Moreover, you can also keep a check on every individual’s performance and productivity and also consider hiring more efficient staff.

Less Expensive Development

You can very easily calculate the cost of app creation and justify your budget as every step here is well planned, executed and delivered. Furthermore, in case if there’s a situation of increasing the app budget at any point in the development process, it can be easily done with Agile.

In this way, owing to the lack of resources and funds, you can avoid leaving the project incomplete.

Speedy App Design & Development

As we mentioned before, the development of the app is split among the different app developers in the agile methodology. So, if a developer’s code contains bugs, the others do not have to wait for him to fix and then let the work resume. Just like all the other tasks, designing is also split into separate tasks. Due to segmentation, the overall process won’t stop at any point. This guarantees that your mobile app is developed much faster using the Agile methodology.

Last Words

Agile methodology is really useful for mobile app development because expectations and standards are changing constantly and Agile is readily adaptable. To meet desirable targets, user expectations and accomplish tangible results, a mobile app development company should choose the agile to develop mobile applications. Being a business owner, you can’t risk your mobile app being in the wrong hands. After all, your mobile app is not just an asset, but a way to be successful.