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Why You Should Choose Drupal Development Services To Build Business Website

Moiz Khan Mar 14, 2017

The word “Drupal” originated from the Dutch word “Druppel” which means drop. Drupal is free and a prominent open-source CMS. Written in PHP, this framework is a preferred choice for all the websites from personal blogs to corporate, political, or even government sites. Drupal has several excellent features and because of this, it has become the top best CMS for developing business sites.

Why Drupal?

Drupal has the largest open source developer community with thousands of modules and zeroes licensing cost. Its extensions and features make it an extremely flexible and customizable platform which can help in creating some amazing websites and applications. With Drupal website development services you can create not only business websites but also social networking sites, blogging sites, news publishing websites, media and art sites and much more.

Drupal Website Development Services:

Here we’ll discuss 10 important factors as for why you should choose Drupal web development services for building business sites. Let’s start.

Flexible Payment Modes:

With Drupal, you can achieve your desired needs from your e-commerce sites because this platform provides full freedom in choosing payment modes and also allows you to build multiple payment modes or gateways as per your requirement.

Can Set Versatile Price Slabs:

Drupal is fantastic because it simplifies the whole process of enticing customers. It will also facilitate you to set price slabs for the overseas customers on account of location, product type, packaging and more.

Products Features:

It is trendy to highlight popular and the most selling items on your online store and with Drupal, you can do it real easily. Through this way, you can grab the attention of your customers for the most in-demand products online. It is an ingenious approach to Drupal Development.

Protected Page Module With Secure Checkout & Login:

The secure page is an e-commerce module that gives opportunity and ensures different simple ways to implement few primary example matching. If SSL certification is installed on your business website, then search any organization structure of module to design fully secured web pages. Depending on the module which you uses to enhance the functionality of your business site.

Control SEO, CRO & Website Analytics Easily:

Drupal gives the only single system to work so it is really easy to control the website analytics, SEO and conversion rates optimization (CRO) that is onerous with two systems. Along with this, customer journey optimization is also simpler because it has one journey despite two with the bridge.

Role Management & Great Community Feature:

The role and use feature of Drupal allow the access to use the functionality for any online store. Customers can also use this option to control features. It also consists a myriad of lucrative community features for online business owners which can help in attracting maximum customers in the loop and make them engaged. This amazing feature will no doubt repeat sales for a lifetime.

Integrate External System:

With RESTful API you can extend, enhance the functionality of Drupal platform with external systems for your online business store. This amazing functionality is also available in Drupal Commerce with the 3rd party system.

Order Management Tools:

You can manage, update, and view all the orders on your online store through the Drupal administration tool set. Or can even send update notifications with the Drupal order management tools.

No Premium Plugins / Modules:

There is no such existence of premium plugins or modules in Drupal community. Drupal commerce is basically an open-source and free-to-use software which consists no module or plugin.

WYSIWYG Editorial Manager:

WYSIWYG functionality powered mainly by Drupal brings out numerous reasons to include it in your site. Edit this editorial manager on setting structure and ensures that it represents your online store payment settings and contacts. One thing you should need to make sure is to change settings of editorial manager because no single procedures fit all sizes modules.


All the above-mentioned points make Drupal a cutting edge platform for creating any business website. These points no doubt justify as for why you should choose Drupal Website Development services to create the business site.

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