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Why You Should Choose Drupal Over Joomla

Aiesha Hasan Mar 31, 2017

Planning to mark your presence in the virtual industry? Well deciding where to start from may seem an overwhelming task. Most online business owners prefer websites to update the content on their own. Keeping this advantage in mind, the CMS is a logical and the perfect choice.

When we talk about CMS, there are 3 major key players: WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. In this blog here, where are going to tell you how and why you should choose Drupal over Joomla. We’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both the CMS to simplify your choice for the right CMS for your website.

The Overview

Technology, Community, and philosophy are the 3 common things in both these CMS. This two software are open source which means they are free to use. Both of them contains great features, built on PHP and have MYSQL as their database management system. Drupal and Joomla both uses themes or templates to give the visual appearance of your website and poses a variety of plugins and modules to give some extra functionalities to your website.

With all these similarities, there are some differences as well. These both CMS differ in terms of how they handle system plugins or themes, how they deal with security and some more differences which can have a huge impact on users and how they will build your website.

Let us compare these top two CMS platforms and why you should opt for Drupal instead of Joomla.

Ease of Use v/s Complexity

Joomla is a bit complex to use. Though its interface might seems attractive for new users. But it requires a lot of time to become familiar with the platform and the terminology.

Drupal, the most complex of all. Requires the much-needed technical expertise. Well, its interface is easy when talking about updating the content but not so simple when you try to change the appearance.


Joomla more geared as a community platform with strong, powerful social networking features.

Whereas Drupal has powerful taxonomy features which help you in categorizing and organizing complex content.

Installation, Themes & Plugins

Good news, Both these platforms gives you the one-click installation services with 1000+ themes in Joomla and 1800+ themes in Drupal along with 32000+ modules in Joomla and 7000+ extensions in Drupal.


Both these platforms are available to make e-commerce websites except Drupal 8, the latest version of Drupal because it doesn’t support the stable e-commerce module yet.

Developing e-commerce site with Joomla will provide extensions for managing products and content.

Seo Optimized & Responsive

Joomla gives you basic SEO and requires additional tweaks whereas, on the other hand, Drupal offers the best SEO services.

Another good news for both the CMS developers, Drupal and Joomla both are mobile friendly and responsive in nature.


If Joomla is not tweaked properly, it can consume speed more quickly. While a Drupal site loads more quickly and gives faster response time than those WordPress and Joomla websites.

Why Prefer Drupal Over Joomla

Well, no doubt both these CMS offers a great advantage and if you are looking for the definite answer as which one to choose, you will find fans for both of these CMS claiming their CMS the best one.

Since there is no universal answer and clearly not easy decision to make, you should keep in mind that every business and website is unique and every situation requires different solutions.

Joomla is the perfect choice for mid-sized websites, social networking or community oriented sites. Whereas Drupal is the logical solution for large, complex websites which needs extensive features and scalability.

Decision Time

Making a choice is definitely not an easy task. Well bear in mind the definition and purpose of your website, what is your complete budget and what is your own level of expertise or your Joomla / Drupal Web developer.

We hope this guide will clear your head and make your decision be an easier one.

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Aiesha Hasan

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