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Competitive Mobile Marketing Strategies Nailed By Brands

Mehreen Siddiqua Mar 06, 2018

Emerging and established brands have a special advantage to influence consumers via mobile. Yet mobile advertising appears to be in its infancy. While there are various obstacles to overcome before mobile marketing goes mainstream, there are certain brands that have taken a leap.

Participating in offline using QR codes

One of top tactics reinforced by retailers aim to bridge the gap between offline retail store and the online available digital content. The adoption for QR codes is rapidly improving for smartphone owners as it commands less commitment from the customers in comparison to SMS.

Nike free ID

An interesting collaboration between Nike and WeChat resulted in a QR campaign. This campaign invites the user to scan a QR code to begin following Nike via an app. They have share a colorful image via the app and then the user gets a reply with the customized shoe that closely matches the color of the photo they shared. It was an interesting engagement campaign that generated 30,000 submissions in one month.


Check-in and location-based marketing

Location based marketing tactics are key elements for people who like to brag about their brand loyalty to their friends and in social networking circles. The central idea here is to drive customers who are brands loyals. The brand can reward them in return for check-ins. Some customers like tagging other friends under it increasing a brand’s chances of exposure.

Zarraffa’s Coffee complimentary upsize

It was a smart way to motivate customer who weren’t necessarily aiming for an upsize. All you had to do was show a staff member a check- in into their location from their device to get a complimentary upsized coffee.


Augmented reality

AR combines real landscape with virtual objects via your cell phone camera and GPS systems. With the help of software generated graphics blended with real time background, a whole new augmented experience can be created. Not surprisingly, marketers are keen keep to leverage augmented reality to presented engagement opportunities for the brand. Let’s explore how McDonalds applied this arsenal of mobile marketing.

Mehreen Siddiqua

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