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The Consumer Gets Affected As Net Neutrality Breathes Its Last

Mehreen Siddiqua Sep 10, 2018

Net neutrality is the reason we were introduced to #blacklivesmatter and #metoo campaigns that resonated across the nation and beyond borders. But net neutrality is about to take its last breath. After it gets repealed, various ISPs will be able to monitor and/or control what reaches the consumer.

This is not something new. Net neutrality has been subject to its fair share of criticism. FCC chairman Ajit Pai presents his argument: “Net neutrality wasn’t supposedly really about a “free and open Internet” because big companies use the regulations to control online business.”

However, this is not the first time that net neutrality is under attack. The prominent argument in this case is that there is insufficient net neutrality protection.

So what really happens

The content that reaches the audience will be controlled for starters. Some websites would slow down while others would run fast. Some could also be scratched off from the world wide web. The supporters of net neutrality speculate that this might spell the end of internet freedom without many people actually knowing about it.

Will the repeal to net neutrality end innovation?

It will totally change the way consumers interact with the internet. After the repeal goes into effect, ISP providers like Comcast and Verizon will be able to slow down or block legal content. This is like pulling the reverse gear on “Open Internet Order” introduced in 2015 during Obama era. ISPs will also start offering paid prioritization. This will open doors for large companies to compete for fast-lane access, killing equal opportunities for startups and entrepreneurs.

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