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The Creative Lifestyle of a Programmer Depicted in Everyday Items

Mehreen Siddiqua Aug 16, 2018
programmer mug

Programmers are the master of their own bubble. Often perceived as the nerdy herd, they have creative traits that could surprise some professionals with an artistic taste. Their surroundings are creative because they balance two worlds: a world of structure and a world of imagination. This is not an easy task. Programmers have a tendency to think outside the box because they are capable of creating the box.

For one, programmers have to create something from nothing. That in itself is the definition of creativity.

Secondly, they know multiple ways to create one thing. It is just like a person who is placed in the center of a maze and he can find multiple ways out of it.

Now try to wrap your head around those two ideas. Potentially, the two thought processes combined, enable them to build a framework for a website, something that was just an idea.

They bring ideas to life and we will be showcasing some of those ideas pictured on real objects. Some of these will determine their lifestyle choice while other items are just a part of their job.

My day begins with a coffee

Every day is a new adventure in the world of coding and coffee is the fuel for the programmer.

mug programmer

Code is in my blood

Programmers are passionate about coding. It’s hard to find someone in this career path who lacks the drive to excel.


My laptop is my pillow

Sleep is rare in a programmer’s life and they are often seen napping with their head on their laptop. An adorable site for an onlooker.


Those socks define me

It’s hard to be in the socks of a programmer, like literally.


My watch reminds me of logic

Not really a fashion statement. They would rather go for a logic statement.

programmer logic watch

The lifestyle of a programmer is a complicated mess but their coding days repeat themselves in a loop. What else do programmers like to personalize? Share your thoughts.


Mehreen Siddiqua

She is a millennial with a sense of humor that she embodies in visuals. A Digital Marketer focusing on Social Media Marketing by profession, exploring diverse avenues and ventures in tech while honing entrepreneurial skills. Currently she is the communications coordinator and strategist for Arpatech looking into e-commerce, consumer behavior and digital business models.