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How Custom Mobile App Development Benefits Your Real State Business in 2019

Rakia Binte Khalid Jun 19, 2019

The real-estate market is full of competition. You attempt different approaches to get ahead of your competitors. There are multiple benefits to native mobile app development. You may be able to enhance your service, attract real estate agents to your website, and add new offers. Another thing you could attempt is to build a mobile application and create value that your competitors can only dream of.

Just a few decades ago, buying a house or finding an apartment for rent people traveled to real estate companies as they only had access to various listing services. Or people were forced to count on newspapers. How’s things going now? The Internet has pioneered the hunting of real estate beyond what one can imagine. In our daily life, a mobile phone is as much a necessity as the air we breathe. A mobile device is more than just a computer, it’s always with the user. According to Statista, the number of smartphone consumers globally today is about 2.5 billion, and the trend is that this amount is increasing year by year. Everything is moving towards digitization and many professionals need to adapt to these changes. Sometimes to increase profit and sometimes to continue professional activities at all.

There are many reasons to use mobile apps in a real estate company. People no longer have to purchase the newspaper to find a home or apartment; all they need is an internet connection and house purchasing applications.

Let Us See Why a Real Estate Business Needs an App

The customer has no time- Many customers lack time and cannot wander around searching houses.

Lack of information- Conventional way of hunting for a property includes asking friends and family members. Usually, customers consult people around to discover comfortable yet well-built home for themselves. However, this idea does not always work.

Budget-Several people don’t get houses in their budget, and that’s the reason why they use real estate applications. How to discover the right location in the budget and that as quickly as possible? Without mobile apps for real estate, it is not possible. Moreover, real estate agents charge a fair quantity that adds to the price.

Reasons Why Creating Real Estate App Is Beneficial For Your Business

Gone are the days when people had to use a phone book or newspaper to look up a business. To keep up with the emerging market requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises, businesses must adapt to the worldwide mobile movement. The bottom line is that you need to have an app for your business to the boom where the real estate sphere is no exemption. Developing a mobile app for your real estate sales company can bring multiple advantages and ROI to you like never before. In fact, there are some best free apps for small business owners to try. Even the app development cost for small business isn’t as heavy on pockets as it is assumed.

If you need more convincing, here are five reasons why your real estate sales company will begin to achieve more advantages with a mobile app.

Provide customers with a remarkable value like never before

Aside from boosting your online presence and extending your marketing reach, your mobile app can do so much more. It can add or generate value for your customers and give your business a positive impression, which in turn will translate into a good ROI. Imagine a useful app where your customers can maintain all their favorite properties in one place, revisiting them when they are willing to make a decision. In addition, having a mobile app opens up the opportunity for customers to interact and communicate easily with your business— making it more valuable to them.

A great idea is to add a booking feature to your app. This is where customers can book appointments through a built-in booking form and where you can set availability to customers.

Your mobile application can directly translate into better sales, enhanced consumer perception and general healthier customer experience.

Build your brand

You don’t have to spend heavily on advertisements any longer as creating a helpful mobile app alone can boost your brand’s awareness and allure tremendously. An app with satisfying features is enough to fascinate your crowd. It even works better as a marketing tool than setting up a costly billboard — just go and create a functional app, and you should be great to go.

Apps offer your brand more presence than your website can because, unlike a browser bookmark, your app is always noticeable on people’s mobile screens — this contributes to customer loyalty as your business is always in front of them and just a tap away.

Connect better with customers

Interaction is a huge component of every company, particularly in real estate. And an app will be useful for that. Your mobile app can be used as a system for providing customer support and is an outstanding way to encourage individuals to contact you or offer feedback. Mobile apps are the solution to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. They are the gateway for your customers to communicate with your business or buy your real estate services. If you are unreachable, you tend to lose an important number of high-quality leads. Imagine sending targeted push notifications to a group of users when new listings become available. This kind of strategy will immediately quadruple the number of leads you will receive! A mobile app allows this kind of reach.

Stand above the competition

A mobile app for your company will assist in distinguishing you from your competitors. While some of your competitors choose not to take advantage of the power of mobile apps, you can use this efficient communication and marketing tool to capture a bigger part of the estate market. With a full proof digital marketing strategy, you will be able to create a customer experience that will offer prospective home buyers or sellers value, and a run for their cash to your competitors.

More accurately target your market

It has now become easier and quicker to target important clients with location-specific and time-sensitive messages through mobile apps. This type of strategy will help you reduce your expenditure, narrow your focus and deliver targeted advertisements to customers at the right location and moment. Furthermore, your mobile app can provide you with valuable customer information through an in-app data capture form. It can include their demographics, geographic locations, and preferences that can assist you fulfill individual requirements. You could also use GEO listings where you can feature location-based properties in specified categories. GEO tagging enables users to discover nearby properties. Because you market more directly, you will be able to provide helpful data and filter out only the highest quality leads.

How Do Real Estate Applications Make Money?

Here are certain ways through which real state mobile apps can make enough money.

  • Subscription Fees for Featuring on Application

Users can purchase monthly or annual packages to be mentioned on your application. The best option here is to provide a free trial period, so a person can see if this model is suitable for their needs. If yes, they may choose to upgrade the subscription for a certain payment.

  • Charge Fees to Sellers

Real property applications can earn by charging fees to sellers. Property owners who exhibit their property information have to pay the app development company a certain price. The charges may be on a monthly basis. The fee is determined from the type of land/property. Commercial property has to pay different fees. Residential properties must pay separate charges.

  • Sell Advertisements

Your real estate website may also sell advertising space to various companies such as mortgage lenders, interior designers, contractors, distributors, and insurance experts. For instance, Zillow takes charges from mortgage lenders based on price per click or price per thousand impressions.

  • Fee for Additional Valuable Features

Another option is to charge for such extra features as realtors analytics, notifications, online booking, etc.

  • Employ Virtual Agents

Virtual agents are individuals who promote the services of your real estate website with the assistance of various tools. The virtual agent is responsible for submitting estate owners ‘ names and phone numbers. After that, the unique advisors will contact them. If these individuals place their listing on your app, a commission will be given to the virtual agent who introduced them.

Tools and Latest Features to Add to a Real Estate Mobile App


A mobile application helps you make the most of the functions available for the smartphone, covering tasks that need to be resolved quickly on the go. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t boost your real estate business with app. Here’s a short summary of the features that the finest real estate applications should have.

  • Interactive Map feature

The mapping technology enables you to see the entire image of listings in the area while driving around or sitting in a chair. Commercial real estate applications and various listing services such as Trulia and Zillow use GPS-based search technology to demonstrate which properties are for sale or sold in a certain geographical area. With this feature, the real estate app makes home searching very simple.

  • Using the camera of a smartphone

This function enables you to create floor plans rapidly by moving your phone around the room and using the camera. Viewing 3D space, editing floor plans in a single tap, adding objects, furnishing home-this is a treasure trove for real estate agents. Another way to use the camera in real estate agents and buyers applications is for search, e.g. in HomeSnap where you can take a picture of any house with your smartphone and check estimated value, number of rooms, interior pictures and other information.

  • 3D VR tours

VR technology is an incredibly helpful offer in the real estate sector. Apps with VR tours allow individuals to look around a home without having to visit it in person, which saves a lot of time and enables them to see more properties with less effort.

  • Signing documents online

When it comes to having documents signed, which realtors have to do continuously, the electronic signature function app is the quickest way to do it on the go. It’s also good to have an app that can link to cloud facilities like Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive to import and save files, monitor their status, and send reminders.

  • Mortgage calculator

A realtor’s app that can provide accurate information on mortgage rates and payments is the ideal tool when a real estate agent wants to find out the cost of the home or determine which loan is more appropriate for the client. Zillow’s mortgage calculator is a good illustration of this function that may function.

  • Keeping real estate team organized

CRM and realtors task management applications can increase the productivity of your real estate team. With such an app, you can see what each agent is working on, sends notifications about new leads to each team member’s phone, set to-do’s and schedule reminders.

  • Push Notifications

Push notifications obtain two most significant objectives. First, they retain customers and remind them of your app so that they use your application more frequently. Second, they enable you to reach users and alert them of important events such as:

  • Price modifications
  • New properties in an area
  • Any property updates.

Push notifications must be customized: send only relevant messages that will add value to customers.

Summing Up

Creating your mobile app is among the most rewarding solutions for gaining an edge over your competitors. There are various best platforms available in the market for building a mobile app and they offer negotiable app development cost for real estate. The successful launch of your mobile app puts you at the cutting edge of the property market, retains customer loyalty and, overall, increases the quality and quantity of the sales lead you can produce. If you decide to develop a custom mobile app with more flexibility and features, you can reap better benefits. With innovative thinking, focusing on targeting the needs of your users and solving potential problems, an app can go a long way to achieving your business goals.

The idea is that the real estate company should strive for development to persist on the wave of new technologies and respond to developments that can make it more effective. While websites have become the norm for home searching, a real estate app opens up enormous possibilities and can push your enterprise to a new level.