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All About Data Management Platforms

Arpatech Dec 17, 2021

Every action that is virtually performed on a website or mobile app produces data. And, do you know that this data can be used for making strategies and increasing conversion rates? Both of them are required for storing and using the source of data, which is why we need a Data Management Platform (DMP).

What is a Data Management Platform?

Data Management Platforms collect essential digital data such as a cookie, mobile identifiers, IDs, and campaign data. These are the tools that enable marketers and advertisers in creating customer segments for the enhancement of their performances. Moreover, these segments are based on location, demographic data, device, past browsing history, and so on.

Data management platforms are also known as Unified Data Management Platforms (UDMPs) and are aimed at developing a centralized system for gathering and analyzing a big number of digital data sets that are originated from disparate sources. DMPs also help organize the data to allow access to the insights for data-driven parts of the business: advertising and marketing campaigns.

What are the Benefits of Data Management Platforms?

The importance of DMPs is not known to many people; however, it has a wide list of advantages including:

1.  Consistent Result

The result of DMPs is consistent, as they are not just one-off solutions. In fact, they are the platforms that give long-term strategies for continuous reporting.

3.  Data Unification

Data management platforms gather all data on one platform and allow you and your team to get a cohesive view of your customers.

4.  Audience Identification

DMPs offer great features such as audience extension and modeling techniques. DMPs allow you to discover new targets and customer groups.

List of Data Management Platforms

Here, we have a list of top data management platforms.

1. Lotame

Lotame is one of the leading data management platforms where users get information from sources such as CRM tools, blogs, email, mobile, campaign data, social websites, and more. Moreover, users have access to some of the manual and fully automated suite of optimization tools.

This platform comes in handy for marketers, digital agencies, and publishers as it boosts engagement on the relevant site and unifies data.

2. OnAudience.com

OnAudience.com is a well-known DMP in the advertisement industry. It helps users construct audience-based attributes such as age, interest, online behavior, and more which hold supreme importance to online advertising activities. With the growing demand for this DMP, it has expanded support implementation and provides help to 12 billion profiles.

3.  Salesforce DMP

Salesforce is the most commonly used CRM software and is considered as a gem. However, many people are not aware that it is also a data management platform. Salesforce DMP suits those marketers’ needs who are always on the lookout for capturing, unifying, and collecting data across multiple touchpoints. This DMP utilizes artificial intelligence, machine learning in the best way to complete customers’ data profiles and enhance their channel engagement.

The Bottom Line

The efficient use of a data platform can help you gain some profitable results. With new technologies and evolving landscape of data management platforms, businesses have seen immense development especially in data analysis of large volumes. While this system has to be well-planned for use, its growth surely signifies a brighter future for data management platforms.


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