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How Drop Shipping Can Speed Up Your e-Store Sales

Mirza Azhar Baig Oct 18, 2017
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About Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is an ideal retailing method to start your eCommerce business which is a bit easier than other business. You don’t have to keep a stock of products in starting or doing this sort of business. You simply got to have an e-Store website designed for your newly started drop shipping business. It needs a partner as a wholesaler or supplier having wide range of stocks available in their inventory. You simply have to transfer your customers’ orders and the shipment details for your supplier. They will ship the ordered goods straight away to the your customers directly.


You will find this drop shipping eStore business very ideal with lots of advantages in it. It neither requires a warehouse or stock, nor have to worry about shipment delivery to the customers. You don’t even have to worry about a shortage of inventory issues. Your most customers don’t even know about your drop shipping business, as the shipment labels as private shipping.

Speeding Up Your e-Store Sales

There arises certain factors to increase the sales of your e-Store which are found very successful in all businesses. You have to focus on different aspects while running this business and to manage your sales. Drop shipping solves quite many problems and avoid everything that sounds useless. The following are some actions to be avoided:

  1. Make Availability of Specific Product

It becomes obvious in the eCommerce business that you shouldn’t drop shipping such products what others are doing. You should also be aware of the product inventory of your supplier whether they have products available in large quantity. If you pass your order for your customer; the product should be already available in stock at that time. This will ensure that your customer would not suffer any delays in delivering the product on time. Otherwise, you might lose your potential customers due to non-shipment or shipping the orders in delay.

  1. Set Your Specific Business Product

You should have a good look over to set your specific business products that you wish to deal with. You should make sure that you are not trying to retail the similar product and having no specific point of difference. It can provide simple research on eBay and searching for different products you wish to deal with. If you find out pages of unsold items of your product with public sale; the supply exceeds customers’ demand.

  1. Check Out Some Business Platforms

You can check out some related business platforms where you will find out more about the unique buyers and sellers.  It will surely provide the product you are dealing with their site. Thus, it will provide you to gain more sales in your specific products.

  1. Avoid Back Orders

A backorder is utmost shocking, costly and even hectic as well for drop shipping. It occurs when the supplier is unable to fulfill your customers’ sale order as the product you are selling goes out of stock. So, these sorts of back orders can become a reason for a great loss.

  1. Arrange Standby Supplier

It is far better to make an arrangement with a secondary supplier as a standby so that if your customers’ order suffers due to shortage of products at your permanent supplier’s end, you can arrange the order from your secondary supplier. Although, secondary supplier may charge some more money in return, but this extra money will just save your potential customer forever.

  1. Add Complement Inventory

Finally, after you are set in dealing with your current product as drop shipping, try adding a new range of products. This way, you can complement to your present shipping to test new product niches. Show interest to your supplier about adding a new range of products and willing to find out the response of customers by managing a few drop shipping orders at first as a test and will continue permanently if it succeeds.

Mirza Azhar Baig

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