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Top Ecommerce Trends That Every Merchant Should Follow In 2017

Aiesha Hasan Feb 14, 2017

Finally 2017 is here, so what exactly your ecommerce growth plans are and what ecommerce trends do you need to stay on top of? Are you planning to expand the product categories, revamping or redesigning your website or going international?

Whatever the plans are, keep in mind there are some of the biggest ecommerce trends we are going to expect in 2017.

Let’s read on to find out some trendy ecommerce tricks for online merchants to build a user friendly ecommerce store. We are going to cover here everything from mobile payments to cutting edge analytics tools and more.

The top 6 ecommerce trends in ecommerce business industry of 2017 are:

No More Black Friday & Cyber Monday:

The techies’ merchants are putting an end to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday by blending it online. The lines between both the big busy shopping days are getting blurry since both the shopping holidays are going online.

Another important trick adapted by online retailers is to organize promotional shopping events in order to boost the growth in sales on other shopping days throughout the year.

It is expected that in 2017, the divide between Black Friday and Cyber Monday v/s online events will be less important.

Mobile Continues to Skyrocketing:

Mobile phones are becoming more and more powerful and mobile responsive sites are getting better day by day. Smartphones have officially taken over desktop computers as the top source of traffic for any ecommerce site.

Mobile wallets are getting more popular in Android users in comparison to iPhones users. For skyrocketing mobile commerce, here are some things which you need to know.

Having a responsive website is not just enough. The user experience on the phone should be just as good as a shopping experience on a desktop computer. Another important thing to keep in mind is to make sure that your ecommerce website is integrated with mobile wallets. It is fairly easy add on process with many payment processors such as PayPal mobile wallet.

Customer will Expect Faster Shipping:

Since, we are living in the age of instant gratification, customer wants free shipping and fast delivery. The advantage of free shipping is, online shoppers add more items to their carts to qualify for free shipping and delivery and even willing to wait longer for the items to arrive at their homes.

To stay competitive in the ecommerce industry, ecommerce store owners are looking for profitable ways to deliver free and super-fast shipping in order to compete with the big digital stores.

There are some latest website trends in ecommerce industry regarding shipping and returns. First is to make sure you offer faster shipping and most importantly ensures that your return processes are easy to deal with.

Customer Service is Important

Customer service is always important. The customer engagement helps in creating an emotional attachments through which customers keep coming back. The customer service should be top-notch.

Whatever channel your customer contacts on, make sure that the responses they get are fast. User generated Content (UGC) is also a way to engage customers with the ability to repurpose and create content with less time and effort.

Social Selling Continues to Rise:

Social selling is becoming the dominant e-commerce trend. With high adoption rates of smartphones, the e-commerce businesses are selling directly on social platforms.

Online merchants use this functionality to create sales for each social platforms and run at different times.

Latest e-commerce trends for social sharing includes buy buttons and social features on social platforms and influencer marketing.

These are not the only ecommerce trends that will dominate in 2017, here are some more.

Predictive Analysis:

Better analysis will help you inform the customer’s next purchase. Predictive and prescriptive analysis lets you update marketing and advertising strategies based on the current data. It is also becoming one of the rising ecommerce trends for any average ecommerce business.

Predictive data can be used to automate email marketing to the existing customers and keeping them engaged with the personalized offers.

Improving analytics is also an important ecommerce trends to follow.


These are some of our top predictions for any ecommerce business. But there’s always room for surprises so stay connected with us and subscribe to our blog to stay in the loop in 2017 and keep your ecommerce game on top.

Aiesha Hasan

Aiesha Hasan

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  • Already I have seen many of the helpful tips on new e-commerce trends but here I have found something new! So I was not aware of the fact of the line between Black Friday & Cyber Monday is going to be blurred in 2017.

    • Ayesha Hasan

      We are glad that our article has made you aware about latest e-commerce trends. Keep reading and stay updated 🙂