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Effective Marketing Ideas for Your Startup Online with Zero Budget

Arpatech Feb 07, 2020
Effective Marketing Ideas for Your Startup Online with Zero Budget

Overnight success for startups is only a myth. Things take time to gain name and fame. And it is not that easy to get your name out there in such a crowd of competitors.

Let’s us guide you through a few things that can put your marketing in the right way, without spending much besides sweat equity.

Interact with Online Influencers

Any free marketing strategy must be focused on building a strong online network. It’s an extremely powerful thing to have people share your brand just because they want to.

Look for influential networks and bloggers that target market keywords based on your products. Follow them on their social networks, comment on their posts, share their content with your friends, get in touch with them and let them notice you.

If you are in a place where your service is lacking, get out there and immediately begin to be active with influential people.

Target Small Niche Initially

The journey to effective start-up is long but the foundation is obvious. You must first find a market niche of potential value in an unsolved issue, an unexplored need or an untapped desire to acquire success.

Start with the goal to market to smaller, more accessible entrepreneurs. It lets you focus on those communities and those influencers without having to worry about the online marketers’ larger community. If you don’t start with a niche then you might encounter some bigger issues.

Sprout Your Email List

If you don’t have a subscriber list yet, you can begin by using a landing page or set of opt-in forms on your website to build one.

Or if you haven’t created a website, you may even use your landing page as your main page – until it’s up and working. Moreover, you can provide an incentive to potential subscribers for sign up.  Here’s my bonus advice – try contests, they are a brilliant way of collecting email addresses.

Design a Content Frequency

Content goes hand in hand with the social media and networking. A surefire way to get your name out there without needing to spend much money is through daily publication of good content.

Post stuff your ideal readers are interested in sharing with friends, family and colleagues. Do a substantial amount of SEO research and make sure your blog contains keywords that will help your blog rank higher than other blogs that post similar content.

Leverage with Guest Posting

It is really a good idea to reach out to fellow bloggers who are in your particular industry in addition to doing your own blogging. Offer a few guest posts to write and make sure to include a link to your own site. Additionally, extend fellow bloggers’ offer to write guest pieces on your blog, too. Guest blogging gives you the opportunity to share your brand with customers of another.

Stay Active with Your Leads

Once you have a subscriber list, start sending out emails and updates to keep your customers informed and fascinated by what’s happening with your brand. Do not flood them with daily updates, but a weekly or bimonthly email is enough to keep your customers in the loop despite making them feel like you’re giving them an update every time you burp. These emails can also be used to help stay engaged with your customers. Send out polls, ask questions and provide the subscribers with a platform to send responses.

Become Listed in Directories Online

In addition to the local directories, here are some examples of online sites that can be used to help you get even more users. You just need to be sure that you are submitting your company to the sites related to your niche:

  • HackerNews
  • HubSpot
  • Bing
  • Yelp
  • TechCrunch
  • Mashable
  • KillerStartup
  • SpringWise
  • CrunchBase
  • Reddit

Customer Experience Matters the Most

What you do to make life easier for your customers and how you deal with their service questions will assess how likely someone is to recommend you and become a loyal customer. Begin by contacting anyone who set up a landing page personally and offer them tips on how to improve it, specifically and explicitly for their page. Make sure your support is top-notch and give people support and encouragement. Consider customer experience a ‘crucial component’ of your marketing strategy.

Over to you

So, what does a startup mean to you? You will get a fair idea after this guide about how you want your startup to appear. If you have a verified idea, funding plan and a fast-growing mindset, your startup is all set for great success.

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