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Everything You Need to Know About Managed Cloud Services

Moiz Khan Jan 23, 2023
Everything You Need to Know About Managed Cloud Services

The top managed cloud services have significantly changed the worldwide landscape for the IT industry. Many are still oblivious to the importance of cloud managed services, their providers, and how they have transformed business operations.

So, here we will give you a brief overview of the managed cloud services for a clearer understanding. Let’s begin.

What is a Managed Cloud Service?

Basically, managed cloud services give any business access to cloud computing networks without them having to learn the cloud’s infrastructure and its accompanying tools. They offer complete or even partial cloud management resources to clients. Some of the management tasks may include configurations, security, migration, maintenance, optimizations, and more. In any cloud adoption cycle, there are public, private, and hybrid cloud environments that you can access for managed cloud services.

Managed cloud services enable a business to ensure the cloud resources run flawlessly. These services allow the initial adoption or can be continuously provided. Working in managed cloud services gives a collaborative process to the provider as well.

How do cloud management services help an organization?

  1. Workflow automation facilitates operations as it manages cloud instances without human interference.
  2. Cloud analysis allows the tracking of cloud workloads and better user experiences.
  3. Cloud services provide flexibility which is achieved when IT experts create and access new cloud resources, monitor the usage and cost, and make proper adjustments to resource allocation.

Cloud managed services cannot show results without qualified IT experts. With the knowledge of proper tools and best practices, the cloud management goals of the business can be easily met. Not every cloud management service can be best suited for every organization so they create a contract for services that include counseling and execution of the cloud resources to ensure that configuration is performed in the right manner.

What Tasks Are Included in Managed Cloud Services?

Managed cloud services include a wide variety of tasks such as

  1. Hosting
  2. Implementation
  3. On-demand engineering
  4. Round-the-clock help desk support
  5. Management of operations

When these tasks are taken care of by managed cloud services, they do not need manual help. Then, the IT team can focus on other complex matters that can help businesses thrive.

What is a Managed Cloud Service Provider (MCSP)?

An MCSP is a vendor that offers cloud managed services. These vendors are either directly connected to the cloud resources or use a third-party operator to do so. MCSPs offer several cloud services typically after subscription. They can act as a substitute for in-house cloud IT or as a substitute for the in-house team. A managed cloud service provider helps the client to decide the IT functions they can manage themselves and those that can be done in-house.

Some of the best Managed Cloud Service Provider includes

  1. Microsoft Azure
  2. Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  3. Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  4. IBM Cloud
  5. Oracle Cloud

Key Factors to Consider When Opting for a Managed Cloud Service Provider

Choosing an MCSP for your business can be challenging and it may be difficult for you to understand the qualities that you require in an MCSP. A few questions that you can help with in this regard are.

  1. How familiar they are with the industry’s tools and workflows.
  2. The cloud services they have worked on.
  3. Security measures they take to secure their clients’ data and how they protect them from being compromised.
  4. If there are any built-in security solutions they provide.
  5. If there are any compliance regulations the MCSP provides or if it offers any audit compliance.
  6. Do these managed cloud service providers use proprietary or open-source tools for the management of services?
  7. How do they receive notifications or alerts of changes, problems, maintenance, and more?

What are the Benefits of a Managed Cloud Service Provider?

1.     Optimization of Resources

MCSPs not only provide managed cloud services but also help their clients to determine the best fit of cloud services based on the business, workload, requirements, budget, and more. The MCSPs also help optimize performances within the right pricing. Some vendors also provide performance reports of your and suggest how the configurations can be improved.

2.     Cybersecurity

An MCSP provides the security of the data built inside the network. Cloud security is a complex process and the network is always vulnerable to cyberattacks. Therefore, MCSPs provide an extra layer of security as they have the right knowledge necessary to keep the cloud network safe from every malicious or unauthorized access.

3.     Round the Clock Support

With an MCSP onboard, a 24/7 support is certain. The provider with his or her skillset will ensure to be available at all times and address your queries or issues that you might face in the network. With quick support at any time, you are expected to find quick solutions for any detected issue.

4.     Long-Term Investment

A qualified MCSP can be a good investment for any business. Using an MCSCP will allow the client to save money in the longer run. There are fewer operational expenses incurred in maintaining cloud infrastructure. The only job of the client is to make regular payments to the service provider and he or she does the rest.

5.     Recovery of Loss

When it comes to cloud networks, one must be careful about any unforeseen circumstances. Therefore, a recovery plan to retrieve data is a safe bet in any disastrous situation. A managed cloud service provider provides support in the recovery plan so that even if there is minimal inconvenience, the plan can be followed and save the network from bigger problems.

The Bottom Line

Companies are moving to managed cloud services because it helps in the growth of the business. These services are becoming popular and they are developed with the idea of facilitating enterprises in maximizing the benefits of cloud computing. Managed cloud services also offer agility and scalability to the business and allow them to be more responsive and competitive, all that is required to make a great profit.

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