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Famous Quotes on Gamification to Inspire Marketers

Moiz Khan Apr 23, 2018
gamification quotes

Gamification is the use of game elements and game thinking in non-game environments to increase engagement and improve better targeting.

There is more to it than what has been explored so far.

Gamification is still young and evolving field so marketers will present it as game elements but not full games. As for game thinking, it usually skips the game technique but involves the idea behind games. The idea is executed and shared in commercial and non-game environments to improve customer metrics such as target audience behavior and engagement.

Gamification framework

  1. Define business goals – How can gamification benefit the business?
  2. Outline target behaviour – What behaviour is expected of players and what gets rewarded?
  3. Describe the players – What is the target audience?
  4. Devise the activity loops – What incentives can we offer to make sure the players keep playing?
  5. Don’t forget the fun – What’s the fun element in the gamified system?
  6. Deploy the appropriate tools – What elements from the Gamification can be used to design the systems.

Gamification vs playful design

Often confused with a playful design or actual games, gamification lies somewhere in between. It cannot offer a whole gaming experience but some of its elements. Gamification offers a clear and specific goal to the audience, and has restrictions and rules in place to make the experience game-like. Upon the completion of certain goals, the user gets rewarded. As a result, the user is motivated to keep going whereas, playful design lacks a specific goal. For instance, the design of piano stairs by Volkswagon is an example of playful design.

gamification vs playful design

Gamification focuses on gameful design incorporating the elements of gaming. In order to get a better understanding of its origin, let’s explore the world of gamification as elaborated by the pros in the industry.

Games or playful learning is probably never associated with business or anything serious but in today’s world that idea seems to be defeated.


Moving on, here’s a simple breakdown of gamification.


In most cases, design focuses on aesthetics or functionality but gamification is a rare instance where design places emphasis on human motivation.

gamification quotes

At the end of the day, your winning makes no difference if you have no one to share it with.


By creating gamified user-experiences, marketers can be contributing to more than just a brand.

quotes on gamification

Essentially, the idea is to establish better engagement with the audience while attending to and solving their problems.


There is a reason why gamification became effective. It causes motivation in the user and engages them like no other campaign.





Here’s an interesting thought.