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Finest App UI Designs to Take Inspiration From

Arpatech Nov 21, 2019

There’s a lot of work going in the world of application UI design. Any choice made will play a significant role in the success of an app. Your mobile applications need a functional design that enhances user experience and encourages your audience to get engaged.

An impressive mobile UI design must have effective user-friendly functionality from the user’s point of view and the app must be easy to use.

There are only a few mobile application development companies who are providing exceptional UI design interfaces. Here we have gathered some of the best mobile app UI designs. These designs are highly impressive and I am sure they will spark some inspiration. Whether or not you are designing a mobile app or not; these mobile app UIs are bound to inspire you to create something incredible. Let’s take a look.

Snapseed by Google


Snapseed is Google’s comprehensive app for photo editing. My favorite photo editing is the option to go back and re-edit based on the saves you’ve made before. Snapseed’s sleek design and easy navigation catches attention of the users immediately.



Thanks to cutting edge technology, everyone immediately becomes a photographer with a smartphone Halide’s incredibly smooth design lets you to easily take amazing photos with gesture-based UI, Augmented Reality image viewing (with dual cameras), smart focus peaking, among many other cool features.

Awesome Note 2 by BRID


Amazing Note 2 incorporates great scheduling with notes, including pictures, voice recording, and even sketches. With folders to arrange your notes and to-do lists, the design of Awesome Note 2 becomes as granular as you would like. Keeping everything in the right place and still visually appealing is a heavy image and card.

Xiaomi Mi Band App


This is a fitness tracking app’s redesign. The app offers different background for every category or topic. For example, the background on the right side is darker as it highlights your sleep patterns. While this background is lighter than the one on the left, all of them still look subtle.

It’s an interesting choice of design but there’s certainly nothing wrong with it because it fits well for the UI as a whole. The background reaching to the top of the screen and showing information such as time and battery life under the phone was also a smart idea; this makes the Interface much more unified.



It is rated among the smoothest, simplest, finest productivity app out there. In your to-do list, you can create a board for anything and drag /drop every task to monitor your progress. The iOS app’s layout is super user-friendly, allowing users to handle their activities on the go and not relying wholly on the website or the desktop app version. This app has a number of really interesting board backgrounds that you can either choose, or let Trello choose for you spontaneously. It is surely the best app design in our book on productivity.

Things 3


This to-do app exclusively made for iOS and macOS. The app features a stunning interface with great attention to detail and interactions that make it fun to manage activities. The 3rd version is created with an out-of-the-box approach, developing a very unique user interface that does not blindly follow the majority of the applications out there.

Fantastical 2


One of the best calendar applications for Apple devices out there, created by Flexibits. This provides a much more elegant UI than the Calendar app owned by Apple. You can view your appointments as a calendar, take a look at the week or a whole month, or rotate the phone to display a schedule similar to your desktop.

Trips by Lonely Planet


Lonely Planet has just released an app that allows you to track the journeys shared by fellow travel lovers and to chronicle your own. The mobile app UI is centered around travelers wanting to share wonderful images with the world. In addition, the bold color palette that they incorporated into the app is a bonus.

Waze by Waze


With animated maps that let us choose the best route, Waze revolutionized how efficiently we get around. Moreover, the app was pulled together by their designers in an interactive and enjoyable UI design for the mobile app.



It is a weather forecast app which even allows you to see the changes of tides and the moon. The look and the feel of the app fits right. Its layout is clean, and you get to see what you want on every screen, offering all the necessary information that you need.
Thanks to its brilliant design, Marline has been acknowledged many times and has become an aesthetically pleasing alternative to the traditional weather app, putting it in the process on our list.

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