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This Is How To Easily Fix Magento 2 Installation Errors

Moiz Khan Nov 16, 2016

Let’s face it! Very few of the online stores are out there which are running the default plug and play setup of any ecommerce platform. There are always some mandatory tweaks that everyone makes to personalize the store according to their needs. And Magento 2 is no exception. A lot of the times you are prompt with errors during Magento 2 installation, and you just go berserk when it happens. But don’t worry.  In this blog, I am going to address and solve the basic errors that occur during Magento 2 installation from the get-go till the phase where you add different products.

Magento 2 checks your system for the requirements and other configurations necessary to make it work. It uses the feature READINESS CHECK which checks the error related to any configuration or any incompatible version of your dependencies. This error won’t let you continue with the installation process. So, listen below are some of the common installation errors in Magento 2 along with the solution:

Check PHP setting:

This the most common error which occurs at the first step of Magento 2 Installation. The error state always_populate_raw_post_data = 0. It is possible that there are some configuration issues in you php.ini file. raw_post_data Don’t worry, it’s easy to fix.  Locate php.inif file in your wamp or XAMP respectively. You can search this file in the root folder or sub folder with name PHP. Easy way is to let your operating System search it for you. Once you locate the file, open it in your favorite editor (I use notepad++) . Find always_populate_raw_post_data and remove the semicolon from the start of the line and change the value ON to -1 Initially, it will be: ;always_populate_raw_post_data = On Change it to: always_populate_raw_post_data = -1 Now save the file and close it. Get back to your Magento installation wizard, you can see the error is resolved now.

PHP extension error in Magento 2 installation.

PHP extension intl is another common error that occurs in Magento 2 installation wizard. In most cases, PhP extensions are commented or turned off. php-extension-intl Stay calm. Go the php.ini file and find line php_intl.dll. You can see ;extension = php_intl.dll change it to extension = php_intl.dll Removing the semicolon will uncomment this line and activate php_intl.dll extension. Now save the file and go back to the installation wizard. This problem should be solved now.

The Web Page Has a Redirect Loop

This error is the most frustrating of all. Initially, it cranked me up, but patience  is the key. Whenever you come across this error, just stay calm and move to the solution. The simplest way to avoid this error is to use instead of localhost in Web configuration. OR Go to your Magento Database and find the table core_config Find web/unsecure/base_url and web/secure/base_url in the path column Change all the values from http://localhost/”MagentoFolderName”/ to http://”MagentoFolderName”/ Now remove the cache by removing all the files and folders in the cache folder of Magento. Navigate to Root/var/cache and delete all the files and folder Now go back to your site. Everything should be perfect now. These are some common errors that might become a bottleneck when installing Magento. Let me know if you are facing some other error or issues while installing Magento 2. Feel free to comment in the comment section below: Learn how to configure Multiple Stores in Magento