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Google Rolls Out Its Search App ‘Google Go’

Arpatech Aug 21, 2019

Tech giant Google has come up with its flagship app, Google Go’, which is on had to users all over the globe. Earlier, the search app was only available in a handful of countries where most of the users use low-spec Android phones.

Optimized to run swiftly on low-spec Android phones, Google Go also performs highly effectively in places where wireless connections tend to be slow or uneven.

Well aware of the fact that a large number of people can also take advantage of a lightweight Google app, Google has decided to unveil the app to all Android users:

“Millions of people have already used Google Go to find information on the web and make sense of the world around them. But we know that people everywhere can sometimes struggle with spotty connections, phone storage, and reading or translating text.”

The app offers some cutting-edge features such as the capacity to read out content loud, besides using less memory, less storage, and working well with blotchy internet connections.

The app can also read web pages in as many as 28 languages, even on slower connections like 2G, besides reading content taken in pictures with Google Lens.

The feature uses artificial intelligence to ascertain which parts of a page to read and which to omit, obviating the need to read things like text ads in between paragraphs.

Just like a podcast, users can also listen to the audio on its own, or follow on the screen as words get underlined while they’re read out loud.

And whenever the connection gets disrupted, Google Go will remember your location and recover the last set of search results once the connection is restored.

The search app is available now on the Play Store for Android devices.

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