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Google Stadia Likely To Be Beaten By Microsoft xCloud For Smartphone Gaming

Arpatech Jul 18, 2019

A newly published patent has revealed that software giant Microsoft xCloud could beat Google Stadia for smartphone gaming, with xCloud’s specific focus on smartphones.

Divulged by Windowlatest, the patent is for two controllers that would attach to either side of a smartphone, allowing you to use the handset for gaming without using touch controls.

While technically the patent is for the device that would be used to charge these controllers, it gives us a close look at the device altogether.

The controllers use spring clips to attach to either side of the smartphone, and have buttons that are very similar to what you’d see on an Xbox One controller. When attached to a smartphone, the resulting device looks rather similar to a Nintendo Switch in portable mode.

Since touchscreen controls can often be rather tricky on smartphones, chiefly for action games like Fortnite or PUBG Mobile that need super-fast reflexes, numerous users find gaming peripherals valuable. No wonder, a company with a big gaming branch-like Microsoft is pursuing them.

Nevertheless, with preliminary testing for xCloud getting ever faster, it makes us wonder if the patents could be part of Microsoft’s plan to take on Google Stadia. The patent indicates Microsoft is putting smartphones—and perhaps tablets—alongside computers and TVs as screens to play games on.

Although we are not sure if that’s exactly the case, we’re hoping to get practical with both Stadia and xCloud by year-end and in the future.

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