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Google Updates Maverick: Its Search Ranking Algorithm Third Time in a Week

Arpatech Jul 22, 2019

Something really exciting is going on at Google. For the third time in just one week, Google has once again updated its search ranking algorithm, with many of the tools showing enormous variations in the Google rankings.

Brett Tabke of WebmasterWorld, who termed this update as “Update Maverick”, said it was named in honor of yesterday’s Top Gun trailer release, as this update appears slightly furtive and detailed. Nevertheless, all the key algorithm tools are reporting an update has happened.

Bret said that he is not a huge fan of naming an update for a movie, and would have preferred something around the 50th anniversary of the moon landing but “Google had their opportunity to name it and they didn’t get back to me after numerous attempts.”

Some of the tools realtime screenshots:


Source: https://algoroo.com


Source: https://www.advancedwebranking.com/google-algorithm-changes


Source: https://www.semrush.com/sensor


Source: https://serpmetrics.com/flux

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