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Handy eCommerce Tools To Kickstart Online Sales

Mirza Azhar Baig Oct 14, 2017
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The Internet had created a very noteworthy impression on e-commerce. So, the famous brands are trying their level best to sell their products online. This concept became an ideal way to sell products online and had opened new opportunities to local businesses. They can sell their products to their customers living in far away locations. We see a large number of online business stores are being already set up today. Many online platforms are arriving in the market instantly and are starting their new businesses. The new startups commonly face a lot of competition with the older online shopping stores. It becomes difficult when you sell your products online in their presence.

You will find here some certain handy eCommerce tools for assisting online sales. 

Google Analytics – Tracks & Reports Website Traffic

Google Analytics presents a free tool for getting the website analytics offered by Google. Hence, it serves its best to track website searches and complete reports. These reports can be easily downloaded to analyze the website traffic. You can gain the entire comprehensive statistical website reports regarding the visitors searching your website from different locations. You will find complete data available through this unique service. Moreover, it includes the visitors approaching onto different pages, page views, and bounce rate. You will find the data for average time spent by the visitors on the website. It also tracks the web pages per visit and the percentage ratio of new and returning visitors.

Google Alerts – Detection & Notification Service

Google Alerts serves one of the supreme tool supporting the online e-commerce stores efficiently. It supports in identifying the content change and provides notification service, presented by Google. This service provides the high alerting service immediately and sends emails to the user account. It does this when it discovers something new like new web pages, new articles, news, blogs, or any scientific research. Therefore, you will find this comprehensive ideal to match the search criteria of the users.

Salesforce – Customer Relationship Management Platform

Salesforce provides a highly supportive tool that is serving online customers to build long business relations. The main idea serves to supply programs and services for the customers in an innovative ways. Salesforce provides successful platform for the customers like social and mobile cloud technologies. It includes with flagship sales and CRM applications.

MailChimp – Marketing Automation Tool

MailChimp presents one of the ideal marketing automation tools. It serves a great platform that provides email marketing service and it initially began its services as a paid platform. This service added a freemium option later on and you will find it an ultimate software tool which is likely to change the way you market your business. It will provide an easy access to your product over the internet. Thus, it alerts an email marketing platform which offers you a number of easy choices. You can design, send and save any kind of templates of your emails.

GT Metrix – Website Speed Analyzing Tool

GTMetrix provided a famous tool that is being used for getting detailed performance reports of the website. It also serves as a free tool that is serving its best to analyze the speed performance of your website page. GTMetrix uses the Google Page Speed and YSlow to analyze the website which offers a detailed description of the best practices of speed optimizations. This service runs through a WordPress plugin which is a free tool to analyze your website speed. Thus, it presents improvement ideas and manage the performance accordingly.

Hootsuit Amplify – A Tool For Sharing Content

Hootsuite Amplify becomes a perfect tool to search and share news, stories, and interesting articles. It plays a vital role in sharing lots of more engaging content that allows employees to share their stories and news. Hootsuite provides a resonating platform that works via their mobile devices. So, it manages an employee support solution to connect all the staff. You can find it easy to create and to share permitted social content with their followers and friends.

WooCommerce Currency Converter – Open Source Currency Exchange Rates

The WooCommerce currency converter is offering great service which is a tool that enables global customers to convert prices. It converts the buying product prices as per the daily currency rate of their respective countries. So, the converter does the ideal thing that e-commerce tool is using the robotic sense. Thus, the currency converts easily for the online shopper’s existing place and region. This perfect tool creates the global online customers sense that they are given high value. Therefore, it gives the convenience through easy online shopping practices. The tool will finish the checkout process without departing from your online store which guarantees experience.

Zendesk / Zopim – Livechat Support & Web Analytics Tool

Zendesk chat supports as a tool for the online business that makes the personalization quite exact. It served formerly as Zopim and permitted individual support using several channels. The tool serves the website, phone call, lives chatting or via social platforms. Thus, this interface serves as an online tool, including recognition of your online customers. It supports the contact data, product buying history, and quite actions run successfully. The tool makes things easier also and to present a personalize audience service experience.

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