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How Can You Find Best Magento Developers

Aiesha Hasan Mar 20, 2017

Believe it or not, one cannot run a Magento store without a certified, skilled, professional Magento developer. Because there’s always something which needs to be fixed or resolved in the Magento.

According to a study  240,000 online businesses are using Magento and that number is only growing, it is no surprise anymore that there’s a high demand for Magento developers. But the real question is how to find and hire a certified Magento Developer?

Magento is an open source CMS but it is considered one of the most complex eCommerce platforms. Comparing Magento with its competitors like Opencart & Shopify, Magento stands out among them in terms of SEO, user interface, customization, types,  automation & shipments of products and some more features.

The complexity in Magento arises when it’s the time for setting it up and operating it independently.  Here in this article, I am going to explain how to hire a certified Magento developer and what key points you need to keep in mind while looking for a Magento Developer.

The list of things needs to be considered is given below.

One Time v/s Ongoing Magento Project

So are you in search for someone to fix one thing in your Magento store or for someone who can make ongoing changes?

This is something important to consider because developers might not be available for fixing small things and can only work on long term projects.

While hiring a Magento developer for ongoing changes, ensures that they are fully available to work. Because developers prefer to work with long term commitment and wouldn’t like to work on small projects.

In all the case, the best thing to do is to test the Magento developer with small projects. If you are happy with the kind of work they deliver, hire them!

Magento Development Agency v/s Magento Freelancer

Freelancers are best for doing small work. Because a person cannot have all the skills and abilities in comparison to a group of skilled, experienced people.

You can hire multiple freelancers for different tasks, but you’ll find difficulty in managing them all. Whereas on the other hand, a Magento development agency has a bunch of dedicated professionals along with the project manager who will make sure you get all the required facilities with the best quality under one roof.

In short, a Magento development agency can do a far better job than a freelancer.

List Down all the Expertise you Expect from your Magento Developer.

Before hiring Magento developer, find out their brief background. It’s the most important thing to know what kind of experience, knowledge and skills your developer possess.

The 3 main question you must ask from your Magento developer are:

  1. What framework will he choose to work on?
  2. Does he have the sound knowledge of your desired framework?
  3. Is he really aware with all the latest Magento technology?

Where to Find the Magento Developers?

You now must be clear about the kind/type of the Magento developer you need, now it’s time to find the best Magento developer.

  •         Your Own Circle

Your personal network is the best place to ask for a good Magento developer. Ask from your friends, colleagues if they know any and are happy with.

Hire someone who has been tested before so the chances of project failure will be less.

  •         Magento Solution Partners

The Magento Official Development Company has their own Magento solution partner community who can help in all kinds of Magento implementations and solutions. They are professionals offering Magento support, training and services.

  •         Magento Certification Directory

If you are looking for skilled Magento developers then you need to check Magento Certification Directory. They have here all the certified Magento developers. The difference between Solution Partners and Certification Direction is here you find Magento skilled people not Magento development companies.

  •         Freelance Websites

Websites for freelancers like oDesk, Elance have thousands of freelance Magento developers.  All you need to do is simply post up your job there and it will show a list of interested Magento developers.

  •         Magento Events

Magento Industry Events is a big platform for serious, skilled and professional  Magento developers to network with others and learn about the latest changes in the Magento framework.

  •         Social Platforms

Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin are the great source to find Magento developers. For twitter use #Magento and #MagentoJobs to search for. On Linkedin, you can search directly for Magento developers and can join Magento Developers group. The same goes for Facebook.


Finding the best Magento developer is not that easy, but a little bit of effort can bear the fruit. Well, this article is here to guide you in the search for the right Magento developer.

Aiesha Hasan

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