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Image Search Technology – A Revolution in eCommerce Websites

Mirza Azhar Baig Oct 25, 2017
revolution of image search technology, image search technology, ecommerce

Today, people are using various modern technologies to provide the best services to their customers. When we talk about Image Search Technology, there arise several points of confusion. People do not get the differences between image search, reverse image search, and visual search. Actually, these all terms sound somehow same but, it surely means a world of difference to them. So, while getting designed your ecommerce website, you should get the assistance of any reliable custom website development agency. Thus, you can fulfill your web development needs as per your business needs.

You will find the clarification of the Image Search Technology as to what it precisely says.

1. Image Search

It merely means that these types of images reverted back as search results – regardless of the process, method or the initial search query input.

2. Reverse Image Search

A sub-category of image search permits an image or its relevant URL to be employed as input query. It gives back the results associated with the image which becomes an ultimate reverse image search.

3. Visual Search

The process and technique of searching results create different and diverse. Where the search method achieves through consuming meta-data and keywords or by solid computer visualization.

Use of Image Search Technology

Any technology can work excellent at your eCommerce website when the image you are using is in appropriate size. The purpose of using such type of image shows that the software remains functional to a sole and isolated database. The created search results hinge not merely on the correctness of any technology. But, it also depends on the size of the data-base. So, if you got low-quality images in your database, the restricted number of identical and parallel images. It will execute image search technology to your e-business, perhaps would not attain ideal results. So, ask the best ecommerce development company to use the image search technology in the best way they can. This will ideally do for getting positive and ideal results to your business.

Benefits of Image Search Technology

The ideal benefits of this technology suggest a firmly incorporated offline to online practices. The online world combines and seems to work offline to discover ways to integrate this technology into various steps. To support the customers’ expedition and commencing the offline encouragement to online product search. Also, it is contributing by an image search application that customers can easily get access on their smart-phones. Therefore, they can simply take photos of different products around them just as in real-life and find related ones on your e-commerce website. The offline to online changes now meant whole and smooth.

Increasing Revenue

Image search decreases the friction as your consumers simply take a picture of the specific product. The technology allows to discover the type of image required for uploading. An image search will take some time and will provide the best results. It associates with the present keyword search purpose on your website. It means; a fast online processing and surely upsurges the basket size and improves your commitment and alteration prices. So, you can precisely get your revenue increased as per your applied efforts in all directions.

Keep Your Inventory Updated

You should keep your inventory updated and keep your stock available all the time. Because if your customer requires such product and your website declares it, out of stock at the time of purchase. It will mean a great loss to you and hopefully the chances of loosing your customer as well.

Compulsory Support

In certain cases, definite technology wholesalers present their cloud-based software APIs for incorporation with vibrant documentation. So, you would merely require some internal engineers and user experience experts to execute the integration. You should also get the necessary support for extending to third-party structure integrates to fulfill the task at your earliest. Thus, the process would proceed a couple of days or about weeks to get it accomplished. It depends upon the complication of the practice cases you are intending to use for your website precisely.

Mirza Azhar Baig

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