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Jobs That Will Go Extinct After Artificial Intelligence Takes Over

Mehreen Siddiqua Feb 19, 2018

The post-modern world has witnessed certain jobs vanish. The fear and hysteria around Ai is quite natural. In the world led by post-AI revolution, almost 47% of US jobs are exposed to automation.

When we welcomed Atms and cash points without apprehension, the automation and ease of operation made us ignore the amount of jobs it took. Same was true for industrial revolution. That was a conscious choice and there was a fair amount of comprehension involved. It was not a flashy decision. Our industry paved its way towards industrial automation.

Today, yet again we are on the brink of another major revolution. This time, it will cost the jobs from almost all sectors. From self-driving cars to driverless flying taxis, we are about to enter a time much like the futuristic world predicted in 1899 by French Artist, Jean-Marc Côté that got published on post cards.

The robots of today’s world are more than just assists. So, let’s get to the pressing question, Is your job about to disappear?

Check out some of the top jobs that have a high likelihood of employing robots and automation.

Customer support specialists

Not surprisingly, the future of CSRs appears to be in jeopardy. With Facebook messenger chatbots gaining traction and acceptability among the customers, there is a likelihood that more companies will rely on automation. With Ai-driven chatbots answering support questions for customers, and effectively engaging them, the likelihood of this job getting replaced is grows incrementally.

robot at the table

Waiters and service crew

While some restaurants across the world are testing the efficiacy of robots as waiters, others are trying to induce a culture that induces their acceptance. However, McDonald’s aims to build a fast food chain fully operated by robots. This will limit the number of human employees to a few maintenance workers. It is indeed a cheaper and faster alternative than actually training human employees and this fact is agreed by other executives in the food service industry.

Another aspect of this kind of automation is going to result in loss of jobs as fast food chains will compete to gain competitive edge.


Courier delivery persons

One of the few things to replace humans are drones. No matter how much we talk about their augmentative role, the reality seems to contradict all those claims. Drones were initially deployed to remote areas where human access was difficult. Today however drones have already started to replace courier delivery guys. Some of the major courier service providers might limit the number of riders but this replacement is expected to grow at 5% by 2024. Although the displacement of courier delivery persons is slow, it is certainly going to have an impact.


Some of the above-mentioned affects of artificial intelligence are prolific and long-term and it is expected to improve customer experience and convenience, the two, key metrics all brands are aiming for. Obviously in this situation, it would be foolish of businesses not to opt for advanced system that saves them money.


Mehreen Siddiqua

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