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5 Must-Have Magento Extensions For Your Magento Store

Aiesha Hasan Dec 20, 2016

E-commerce has surely turned out to be the next big thing on the internet as people have made billions of dollars through this platform. The most popular framework that comes in mind while talking about e-commerce platforms is Magento. It is the entire e-commerce business solution in a box. It is the most flexible e-commerce platform.

Magento has worldwide popularity because of its functionality and strong community support. If the online merchants want to get the most from this flexible, feature-rich and powerful e-commerce platform, then they must need to install Magento plugins or extensions in their Magento Store to extend the functionality of it.

Many e-commerce extensions and plugins are available on the internet but choosing the best one can be a difficult choice for an online business owner. To make it easier, we are listing down some awesome Magento extensions to install on your e-commerce website and enhance your online store’s functionality.

These extensions will definitely help in providing greater advantages to the Magento store and assist your business flourish and grow in the present competitive market.

1: One Step Checkout Extension for Magento

Magento One Step Checkout Extension is one of the best and essential extension for Magento. It allows the user to simply sign-in and fill their carts. If the user has already filled out the payment details, the extension will work like magic. The extension makes all checkout steps to appear together on a single page. It supports 40+ payments method and Google Suggest to automatically fill the address.

It also supports multiple languages and PayPal integration. The checkout extension can be modified according to the web store’s needs.


2: Creare SEO

Creare SEO aims to help Magento store owner for optimal SEO performance. Adding this extension to your online store will helps in avoiding duplicate content and 404 error pages. The extension can also add a lot of features to your Magento website like HTML sitemap, 301 redirects for discontinued products, unique category headings, social media schema and many more. The ultimate aim of the Creare SEO extension is to make your store rank better in Google and by making small changes to the store’s configuration.


3: Blog

Even on an e-commerce site, a Blog can be helpful in announcing promotions, news on upcoming products or even you can write some relevant content regarding the business. Magento Blog Extension works as a silent salesman for your online store and this would help in attracting visitors. Optimize the blog content from SEO perspective to get more visibility over the web. The extension offers regular blogging platform including RSS and many others.


4: Social Connect Magento Extension

This extension adds social icons on the login page of your online store. Customers use these buttons to log in or get registered in the e-commerce store without going through the trouble of registration process and procedure by using their Google or Facebook accounts. This overall process has become a convenient way for the customers. The functionality will be available on creating an account page plus on the first step of your store’s checkout process.


5: Yotpo

Yotpo has become one of the most widely used Magento extension because of its functionality. Shopping online may be convenient but there are people with reservation. Before purchasing the products, customers evaluate reviews or feedbacks of that particular item. Yotpo Magento extension provides the customers the facility to evaluate the product on the existing shopping site without looking for anywhere else.



The list doesn’t end here. There are many other useful Magento extensions helping to increase the online sales. But these top 5 Magento extension or plugins will be of great help in boosting your online business. Integrate them into your online shopping store and experience amazing results for your e-commerce business.

Aiesha Hasan

Aiesha Hasan

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Aiesha Hasan

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  • Eduardo Gonzalez

    I agree with all the extensions you mentioned. I would also include an extension that help store owners to promote their products through Social Media (e.g. Facebook). Facebook Dynamic Ads and Remarketing campaigns are effective ways to sell products to people who are actually interested in them.

    • Ayesha Hasan

      Thank you sharing us with your valuable information! 🙂
      Share the article & let others know!

  • Cameron G.F.

    I’d like to add one more extension that I think it will be very interesting to the readers: ROI Hunter Easy which helps power your eshop with Google Remarketing. It is ideal for forSMB that cannot afford a marketing person of a developer help produce an xml feed in a specific format, link Merchant Center to Adwords, set up audiences in Adwords, etc. Check it out at: https://easy.roihunter.com/