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Magento-Adobe Partnership Will Soon Revolutionize E-commerce Experience

Moiz Khan Oct 24, 2016

The E-commerce leader Magento announces partnership with Adobe to transform consumer experience. This partnership was officially announced at Shop.org Retail’s Digital Summit event. This partnership is bringing powerful personalizing tool together with the flexibility of E-commerce suite which will be able to provide the shoppers more freedom and customization.

The comprehensive content Management of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is providing solutions to build websites, mobile apps, and forms. This also enables you to manage marketing and content assets. The powerful capabilities of Adobe Experience Manager along with Magento Ecommerce platform will result in high customizations and personalized user experience. It will make buying and selling experience better than ever.

The Partnership Will Provide Merchants With Following Key Highlights:

  • Shopping experience:  It will allow transactions anywhere around the globe. The integration fulfillment and customer engagement to the store.
  • Enhance Personalizing: It will provide the customer with an enhanced shopping experience. It will increase the personalizing aspect greatly and integration between mobile, web, and your own retail store.
  • Innovation and Business Agility: Providing the business, sales, and marketing with real-time information. The data will be more meaningful and will allow staying ahead of consumers demand.
  • Command Architecture: It will give the customer more freedom along with enhanced digital experience.

Magento and Adobe are creating a powerful platform to engage the shopper and give them a unique and enhanced shopping experience. The Magento-Adobe Partnership will definitely revolutionize shopping experience for every individual and that is something the e-commerce industry is looking forward to.

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